What Theater Has The Best Popcorn?

The Best Movie Theater Popcorn, Ranked (And How You Can Make Your Own)

  • Regal Entertainment Group. There’s a surprising secret ingredient in Regal’s popcorn: coconut oil.
  • AMC Theatres.
  • Cinemark Theatres.
  • Landmark Theatres.
  • ShowPlace ICON Theater.
  • ArcLight Cinemas.
  • Alamo Drafthouse.

What popcorn do movie theaters use?

Manufactured by Gold Medal, Flavacol is the “secret sauce” most movie theaters use in order to produce that quintessential popcorn flavor only found in cinemas, stadiums, and the like. Flavacol is a butter-flavored, popcorn seasoning salt made of extra fine salt flakes.

Which popcorn tastes the most like movie theater?

We liked Orville Redenbacher’s the best because of its smooth butter flavor, which was evenly distributed over the popcorn. Jolly Time tasted most closely like movie theater popcorn and came in second place.

What kind of butter do movie theaters use?

Movie theaters use butter-flavored oil, which has a lower water content than butter so it makes popcorn less soggy. Real clarified butter has the same effect. To make it, melt 2 sticks butter in a glass measuring cup in the microwave.

Why does movie theater popcorn taste better?

The lower water content in oil makes for less soggy popcorn, something we can all get behind. Another reason movie theater popcorn is so good? Theaters aren’t required to label the nutrition information on their products. This often means way more oil and salt than you’ll find in a bag of microwaveable popcorn.

What oil do movie theaters use for popcorn?

Flavacol is a super fine, butter-flavored seasoning salt that movie theaters on their popcorn. They usually pop it using a combination of orange-colored coconut oil and Flavacol seasoning, but regular coconut oil will give you the same results without the fake-looking color.

Can you buy popcorn from a movie theater?

Definitely yes. You can get popcorn without buying a movie ticket. Done it myself. Rainbow Cinemas at St Laurent, you can definitely get popcorn Without buying a ticket.

What is the best store bought popcorn?

So to find the best popcorn this side of the theater, I rounded up a crew of taste testers to put these 10 brands to the test:

  1. Jolly Time.
  2. Koepsell’s Popping Corn.
  3. Newman’s Own.
  4. Orville Redenbacher’s.
  5. Pop Secret.
  6. Quinn.
  7. Skinny Pop.
  8. 365 Everyday Value.

What’s the best popcorn to buy?

Quick Comparison: Top 7 Best ​Popcorn Kernels

  • ​Great Northern Popcorn Premium 24 Pk- 8 Ounce Popcorn Portion.
  • ​Franklin’s Gourmet Movie Theater Popcorn.
  • ​Snappy White Popcorn, 4 Pounds.
  • ​Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popcorn Kernels.
  • ​Bob’s Red Mill Whole White Popcorn.
  • ​Organic Yellow Popcorn Kernels (3lb) by Anthony’s.

What is the healthiest popcorn to buy?

Finding the Healthiest Microwave Popcorn

  1. Eliza’s Organics Organic Microwave Butter Popcorn.
  2. Act II Light Butter.
  3. SkinnyPop Sea Salt Microwave Popcorn.
  4. Pop Secret Homestyle.
  5. Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop Sea Salt Microwave Popcorn.
  6. Orville Redenbacher Simply Salted.
  7. Newman’s Own Sea Salt.
  8. Black Jewell Natural Popcorn.

How bad is movie theater butter?

A large AMC popcorn, without butter, contains 1,030 calories and 41 grams of fat. Moving along to Regal Cinemas, things get even heavier. There are a couple of differing calorie counts for a small, unbuttered popcorn, but they range from 325 calories and 27 grams of fat to 670 calories and 34 grams of fat.

How do you make movie theater popcorn?

Movie Popcorn:

  • Place 3 tbsp Popcorn Butter in a large 10L/10qt lightweight pot over medium heat (medium high if weak stove).
  • When the butter is almost melted, pour in Yellow Colouring, if using.
  • Add kernels, shake quickly to spread across the base, then clamp lid on.
  • Shake briefly once after 30 seconds or so.

What kind of butter is used on movie popcorn?

Theaters that do use real butter (rather than butter-flavored oil) often use clarified butter. Clarification removes some moisture from the butter, which prevents the popcorn becoming soggy.