Question: What Movie Theaters Do Magic Johnson Own?


A: Earvin “Magic” Johnson, former basketball star with the Los Angeles Lakers, jointly operates three 12-screen Magic Theatres in Atlanta, Houston and Cleveland; one nine-screen in Harlem and one 15-screen in Los Angeles.19 Sep 2003

What companies do Magic Johnson own?

Over the years, Magic Johnson Enterprises has continually invested ownership in many lucrative businesses such as the Los Angeles Lakers, movie theaters and restaurants in the United States, including T.G.I. Friday’s, Sodexo, and Burger King locations.

How many Burger Kings does Magic Johnson own?

30 Burger Kings

How many Starbucks does Magic Johnson have?

But now Johnson is also selling his 105 Starbucks franchises back to the company too. Speculation, according to the Los Angeles Times, is that, “he does have an eye toward acquiring something ‘in sports’ in the future.”

Is Magic Johnson part owner of the Lakers?

Johnson sold his ownership stake in the Lakers in October 2010 to Patrick Soon-Shiong, a Los Angeles surgeon and professor at UCLA, but continued as an unpaid vice president for the team. In February 2017, Johnson returned to the Lakers as an advisor to Jeanie Buss.

What does Earvin Magic Johnson own?

The Major League Soccer franchise the Los Angeles Football Club is announced and Earvin “Magic” Johnson is a member of the ownership group. A group led by Earvin “Magic” Johnson purchases the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks.

How does Magic Johnson have so much money?

After winning championships in high school and college, Johnson was selected first overall in the 1979 NBA draft by the Lakers. As of 2019, Magic Johnson’s net worth is approximately $600 Million dollars, and he’s one of the richest athletes in the world.

How many Krispy Kremes does Shaq own?

Basketball superstar Shaq now owns a Krispy Kreme

Shaquille O’Neal is the ultimate Krispy Kreme fan. The retired basketball player, 45, wants to own 100 Krispy Kreme shops, according to TMZ. O’Neal already owns one franchise in Atlanta, but he’s looking to expand his doughnut empire.

How much does Magic Johnson own?

$50 million. Ever since Magic Johnson and a group of investors bought the Los Angeles Dodgers earlier this season, we’ve been wondering how much money the former basketball star personally put toward the $2.15 billion purchase price from Frank McCourt. Today, we finally have our answer: It’s $50 million.

How much is Magic Johnson net worth?

As of January 2019, retired American professional basketball legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson Jr. has a projected net worth of $600 million. This astounding figure is enough to rank him as one of the most successful athletes after retirement and one of the wealthiest African Americans today.

Does Magic Johnson own a movie theater?

Currently the chain’s former locations are owned by AMC Theatres, after Sony-Loews was acquired by that company in 2006. Although they are still branded Magic Johnson Theatres, they are solely controlled by AMC.

Does Magic Johnson own Starbucks coffee?

In 1998, Johnson Development Corporation (JDC), a division of Magic Johnson Enterprises, and Starbucks Coffee Company entered into a ground-breaking 50/50 partnership to build Starbucks stores in underserved neighborhoods.

How much did Magic Johnson sell his Lakers shares for?

Johnson bought shares representing about 4.5 percent of the Lakers in June 1994 for a reported $10 million. Johnson said the sale was strictly a “bittersweet business decision,” but the five-time league champion has long been interested in taking a larger ownership role in an NBA franchise.