Quick Answer: What Is Sinemia Premium?

Sinemia is a monthly movie ticket service that allows you to get discounted movie tickets.

Is Sinemia billed monthly?

For $7.99 a month (billed annually), you can watch up to three 2D movies every month. For the $8.99 a month (also billed annually) Plus plan, you can watch up to two movies per month, including 3D and IMAX showings. For $14.99 a month, you can watch up to 30 2D movies per month.

Can you use Sinemia right away?

Today, the company announced that it is introducing Sinemia Cardless, which allows subscribers in the US, UK, Canada and Australia to reserve movie tickets without a physical membership card. All customers have to do is select a movie, showing and seats in advance through the Sinemia app.

How does Sinemia limitless work?

Launched Thursday, Sinemia Limitless lets you purchase a $100 card for $70. You then use that card to buy movie tickets anywhere, not just through the Sinemia app. In January, the company dropped prices and added a rollover option for movie tickets customers hadn’t used in the previous month.

Does Sinemia cover convenience fee?

Sinemia provides a warning the first time a customer does not check in, and Sinemia does not charge a fee for the first misuse.” Monthly fee: $3.99 to $29.99.

Can I have 2 Sinemia accounts?

Using multiple Sinemia accounts on the same device. Creating multiple Sinemia accounts for the same person. Sharing one’s Sinemia membership to buy tickets for other people. This includes not only people buying tickets and selling to others but also people sharing their own tickets with friends and family members.

Do you get a card with Sinemia?

Sinemia announced this morning the return of its physical debit card for in-person movie ticket sales, by “popular customer demand.” The card will also cost you $15, a one-time purchase made through the company’s site — which means it will take a couple of movies before the savings really kick in.

Can I buy two tickets with Sinemia?

You can purchase tickets online at Sinemia.com or using the Sinemia app, which is available from Google Play and the iOS App Store.

How do you get tickets with Sinemia?

The steps to do so are as follows:

  • Open the Sinemia app and select “Planning.”
  • Click “Advance Ticket.”
  • Select the movie, time, seating, and location you want to see on a different ticketing service like Fandango.
  • Go back to the Sinemia app and click “Get Advance Ticket.”

When can I start using Sinemia?

Upon purchase of a plan, a user’s Sinemia membership begins. However an activation period of ten days applies before users can use the service by choosing their preferred movie and theater in the Sinemia app, unless users pay an additional fee to start using the service right away.

What is Sinemia limitless plan?

Sinemia Limitless covers any type of movie ticket for any day at any theater location, including luxury cinemas and premium format screens, without any blackout dates. Under the plan, customers can purchase multiple tickets on the same day and buy movie tickets for as many people as they want with a single transaction.

Does Sinemia pay convenience fee?

Convenience fee:

Sinemia only covers the cost of the movie tickets and the advance ticket online convenience fee is not covered by Sinemia. The convenience fee will be charged to your registered payment method then you will be able to pay the convenience fee using Sinemia card while purchasing the ticket.

Does Sinemia charge for physical card?

As of today, however, Sinemia users can request physical debit cards, which will do away with the convenience and processing fees when used at a theater itself. Those fees will still be applicable if customers buy tickets online. Sinemia customers can request a card through their profile page on the company’s website.

Can you get a refund from Sinemia?

You Might Be Eligible for a TurboTax Refund

According to one Reddit thread, a number of users who paid annual memberships through Sinemia are receiving pro-rated refunds via Chase. It’s unlikely you’ll get your money back directly from Sinemia for the time being, given that the company has just filed for bankruptcy.

Is Sinemia going out of business?

Sinemia, a would-be rival to MoviePass, is closing down its U.S. operations — telling customers it could not find “a path to sustainability” amid legal headaches, competitive pressures and the challenging economics of the business model. The company announced the shutdown in a notice on its website Thursday.

How do I cancel Sinemia?

How to Cancel Sinemia

  1. Navigate to the Sinemia website and login.
  2. Select Cancel membership. You may use your account until the last day of your subscription plan and your account will be fully deleted at the end of your billing period.

Where is Sinemia based?

Sinemia, which says it is based in Los Angeles, also offers movie-ticket subscription plans in countries including Canada, the U.K., Australia and Turkey. The company has raised $2.2 million in funding from investors including Turkish VC firms Revo Capital, Nexus Ventures and Aslanoba Capital, according to Crunchbase.