Question: What Is Picturehouse Membership?

How much is an unlimited cinema card?

Cineworld Unlimited price options

All Cineworld Cinemas (Except London West End)All Cineworld Cinemas (Including London West End)
Cost per month (12 months)£17.40£19.90
Annual cost (one off cost)£202.80£238.80

Can I use my Cineworld Unlimited card at Picturehouse?

To use the Unlimited Card in cinema, the Unlimited Member must present it at a Cineworld Cinema box office or Ticket and Concessions stand.

What age is a child at Picturehouse?

Everyone’s a kid with a Picturehouse family ticket as adults pay child’s prices. A Family ticket is for four people, at least two of whom must be under 15 (eg. 2 Adults and 2 children or 1 Adult and 3 children). What is the age resistriction on Child tickets? Child tickets are available to those under 15.

Do Vue do unlimited cards?

Enjoy Unlimited Films

Being an Unlimited card holder gives you access to all the 2D films you can handle for one monthly price.

How many films can you book on unlimited card?

You won’t be able to book in advance for 2 films starting within 90 minutes of each other. You can only book for 1 screening of a particular title at a time. You can only have 3 active advance bookings at a time.

How much is Odeon limitless per month?

Pay monthly for Odeon Limitless

Outside Central London CinemasCentral London Cinemas
Cost per month£17.99£19.99
Total cost paying monthly£215.88£239.88

Can you get a Cineworld Unlimited card for just a month?

Don’t miss a flick with the Cineworld Unlimited Card!!! Exclusive to Cineworld Cinemas it is the ultimate movie lover’s card where you get to experience unlimited tears, unlimited horror, unlimited laughter, unlimited fear, unlimited movies on any day and at any time from just £11.99 a month.

Is IMAX included in Cineworld Unlimited card?

Although 3D glasses, event cinema, special screenings and access to London West End Cinemas for non-West End card holders are not included in Unlimited membership, offers and discounts may be available from time to time. Please click here for more details about what is not included with Unlimited membership.

Can a friend use my Cineworld card?

Get an additional cinema ticket for a friend for just 70p (Cineworld Unlimited Card Holders Only) or FREE if you don’t book! Cineworld has an unlimited card which gives you unlimited access to watch any 2D film when you want and as many times as you want.