Question: What Is Mini Morning At Vue?

Can babies go to Vue Cinema?

Vue Wood Green doesn’t host Bring Your Baby sessions; but Vue North Finchley does.

You can bring an infant to any U or PG certificate film.

What is a Vue pass?

Vue Pass is the perfect reward for your employees or customers, offering up to 45% off Box Office pricing. Register today to learn more.

How much is it at the Vue cinema?

Vue Cinema Prices

Teen (13-18)£8.29 – £9.29
Student (with valid ID)£8.79 – £9.99
Adult (19+)£9.99 – £11.49
Senior (60+)£8.79 – £9.99

33 more rows

What is the Vue all inclusive family ticket?

Vue Cinemas – All-Inclusive Family Package. The ‘All-Inclusive Family Package’ ticket is available at 80 Vue cinemas nationwide and includes entry into a film, a snack of choice and a drink.

Can I take my own food into Vue?

You can take your own cold snacks and non-alcoholic drinks into Vue cinema, but not hot food or alcohol. “We are also happy for our customers to bring in their own cold snacks and non-alcoholic drinks.

Can you take snacks into Vue Cinema?

Vue wasn’t (and isn’t) alone in gouging customers, matching ever-increasing ticket prices with astonishingly marked up snacks and drinks. Vue Cinemas, where a regular popcorn and soft drink costs £8.25, say food and drink is an optional extra and customers are free to take their own snacks in.

Is Vue Cinema 3.99 on Mondays?

Vue have a great new offer ‘Super Mondays’ where all films (excluding event cinema, last chance to see and special showings) are only £3.99 a ticket for anyone every Monday! On Super Mondays, you can enjoy big screen entertainment at your local Vue for a discounted price.

Can you get NHS discount at Vue Cinema?

Can I get student discount at Vue? Yes! Just bring your ID to confirm your student status, and you’ll make a saving on the price of your cinema ticket.

How do I get a discount at Vue Cinema?

How to apply your Vue Cinemas discount code. Select your offer of choice and you’ll be taken to the Vue site, remembering to copy your code if necessary and shopping the products included in the offer. Click on your chosen film then select ‘Book Now’ and your chosen dates.

How much does the Vue cost?

How much does PlayStation Vue Cost? You can choose from four different tiers that include a variety of sports, movies, news, and lifestyle channels that start at just $44.99 a month.

Is IMAX worth the extra money?

IMAX is, however, upgrading a good number of their Digital IMAX theaters now. Digital IMAX is far less of an impressive experience, but it can still be worth it for a number of people, especially when viewing a movie in 3D.

What is VUE every film every day?

Cinema chain Vue is offering £4.99 tickets to every film, every day of the week, including weekends, at 23 of its cinemas, located across Great Britain. This is an ongoing offer, meaning you can see your favourite films this weekend and throughout the year.

How do you get 2 for 1 cinema tickets?


  • Download the MEERKAT MOVIES app or visit
  • Log into or set up your account to activate your membership and claim your voucher code. You have one voucher code to use every Tuesday or Wednesday at any ODEON cinema.

Is Cineworld cheaper on Tuesday?

Cineworld is proud to offer our Bargain Tuesdays screening program. Every Tuesday at Cineworld Jersey, every ticket for every film (excluding Event Cinema, 3D and Box seating uplifts) is offered at a discounted rate to offer you the best value on your night at the movies.

How much does Vue popcorn cost?

Vue Food & Popcorn Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Kids Popcorn£2.50
Small Popcorn£5.50
Regular Popcorn£6.00
Large Popcorn£6.50

26 more rows

Is it illegal to bring your own food into a movie theater?

No, it is not illegal for the person bringing the outside food. However, it might legally inadvisable for the theater to allow you to do so. Also, theaters make the bulk of their profits not from selling movie tickets, but from selling concessions. Therefore, most theaters have rules against bringing in outside food.

Can you take your own food into the light cinema?

The chain added: “Please note that you are able to bring your own food and drink into the cinema rather than purchasing from our confectionary stands. This is with the exception of hot food or alcohol.”

How do you sneak food into a movie theater?

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