Quick Answer: What Is Hoyts Xtreme?

HOYTS Xtremescreen is the largest auditorium in your local HOYTS complex and boasts the biggest and loudest cinema experience on offer.

See the latest release movies on a gigantic screen with the biggest and best sound in the complex that will blow you away!!

What does Xtreme movie mean?

Yes, most of you probably have no idea what an Xtreme theater is. It’s basically one brand of cineplexes that wanted a larger theater, and probably didn’t want to pay IMAX. It’s described as a “wall to wall, floor to ceiling screen, with a superior projector and sound system” or something to that effect.

Does Hoyts Xtreme screen have recliners?

With every seat in every cinema being a powered Recliner, HOYTS is reinventing the cinema experience at all levels. At select HOYTS locations, each seat features a powered Recliner and boasts extra leg room, wider seating and extra comfort, so you can sit back, relax and Recline while enjoying the latest blockbusters.

What does Hoyts stand for?

HOYTS Rewards (“HOYTS Rewards” or “Program”) is a loyalty program which is operated by The HOYTS Corporation Pty Limited ABN 31 006 082 551 (“HOYTS”).

What is included in Hoyts Lux?

Called HOYTS LUX, it offers an intimate and luxurious space featuring lavish reclining chairs, an in-cinema waiter service and selection of gourmet food and an extensive wine list. There are three screens, each with 31 reclining seats, a bar and in-cinema waiter service of food, wines, beer, cider and spirits.

What is a Xtreme?

1. Most remote in any direction; outermost or farthest: the extreme edge of the field. 2. Being in or attaining the greatest or highest degree; very intense: extreme pleasure; extreme pain. 3.

How much does Xtreme screen cost?

Hoyts Ticket Prices (AUS)

Student / Concession$13.00
Xtreme Screen
Children$18.50 – $19.50
Adults$23.50 – $25.00

53 more rows

Does Penrith Hoyts have recliner seats?

Join Qantas Frequent Flyer for Free now (saving $89.50). Things are getting a whole lot comfier with HOYTS recliners! The addition of the HOYTS recliner is a huge leap forward in cinema seating, created for ultimate comfort and quality.

Does Melbourne Central Hoyts recliner?

Xtremescreen at Hoyts Melbourne Central will give you a full audio-visual BIG SCREEN experience – it’s the largest screen at the cinema. The big screen and big audio will wow you, with 10,000 watts driving a state of the art Dolby 8 channel surround EX sound system – you’ll be blown away!

Does Hoyts Highpoint have recliner seats?

With powered recliners now in every seat of every cinema, plus great new experiences, HOYTS Highpoint has something for everyone. HOYTS Highpoint now boasts big sound and big vision with HOYTS Xtremescreen or enjoy an immersive movie experience with HOYTS D-BOX motion recliners.

Who owns Hoyts?

Wanda Group

Does Hoyts allow outside food?

No Outside Food And Drinks

Please note, no food and beverages sourced from outside HOYTS Cinema are allowed in the cinema.

What can I do with Hoyts dollars?

To redeem online, members can redeem their HOYTS Points for eligible tickets:

  • Log into your HOYTS Rewards membership.
  • Select your cinema, movie title, session date and time.
  • Locate the ticket type you require (i.e. adult) and select the number of tickets.

Do you get free popcorn at Hoyts Lux?

Nullagine, Australia

Now, all are reclining seats. I find the best way to experience the $42 per ticket Lux cinema (free unlimited pop corn and soft drink) is to join in the $13 per year reward program which entitles one to a free ticket (which costs $22 otherwise) after signing in online.

Can you take your own food into the movies?

And while we’ll always have a soft spot for faux-flavored popcorn and movie-theater candy, sometimes it’s just easier, cheaper, and healthier to bring your own food to the movie theater. This is obviously against theater policy, but we’re all for smuggling in your own food — so long as you follow these rules.

What does Hoyts saver mean?

HOYTS Rewards members enjoy exclusive savings

So, we’ve simplified our pricing by removing multiple categories to make way for one standard ticket price at the cinema. If you’re a HOYTS Rewards member, you will also have exclusive access to discounted ticket prices in Saver and Super Saver sessions.