Question: What Is Difference Between WL And RLWL?

Whereas WL: waiting list means that the ticket which you have booked is in the waiting and will only be booked when the waiting will be zero.

With regard to the IRCTC, what’s the difference between the RLWL and WL status?

Which is better RLWL or WL?

The main difference between the two is mainly the chance of getting confirmation for either. Chances will be higher if you get on the WL rather than when you get an RLWL ticket, because the majority of passengers on the train do not have Reserved Location tickets; hence, cancellations will be few.

Can RLWL be confirmed?

The confirmation probability of RLWL tickets remains low. RLWL tickets are confirmed only when someone from your remote location station (boarding station) has vacated berth, through cancellation.

What happens if RLWL is not confirmed?

If Your Ticket Was Not Confirmed at The Time of Booking Then Your Ticket Goes To a Waiting List Because of No More Available Seats In The Train. In Waiting List, Your Ticket Confirmation Depends on The Ticket Cancellation of Other Confirmed Seats.

Which waiting list will confirm first?

If Tatkal Train Ticket goes up, it directly gets confirmed and doesn’t go through RAC status unlike GNWL. During chart preparation, general waiting list (GNWL) is preferred over tatkal waiting list (CKWL) therefore tatkal wait listed rail tickets are less likely to get confirmed.

How many RLWL tickets get confirmed?

A Maximum of six passengers can travel through one ticket. But having a ticket does not guarantee that the journey is confirmed, it depends on the status of the ticket. The status of the ticket can be waiting (WL), RAC (half berth), or confirmed (full berth).

Does RLWL gets Cancelled automatically?

For this type of ticket there are less chances of confirmation. Waiting List ( Can not travel if booked online ). It gets automatically cancelled on chart preparation & Refund will be automatically credited in Bank Account in 3 to 7 days.

Will RLWL 16 get confirmed?

Now coming to your point RLWL 19 in your ticket means you have booked the ticket as the 19th passenger of RLWL and your present status of the booking is 16th RLWL passengers. That is the other 3 passengers has either cancelled their tickets or may have may have their ticket confirmed.

Can RLWL be RAC?

RAC means Reservation Against Cancellation which means you get a sitting seat but not a full berth. RAC and RLWL are completely different from each other. RAC guarantees entry and at least half a berth in the train, and there is hope that you may get a full berth as well. RLWL is Remote Location Waiting List.

Does RLWL gets confirmed after chart preparation?

Remote location stations prepare their own chart 2-3 hours before the actual departure of the train. RLWL confirmation chances are usually very low. If the status of the RLWL tickets remains waitlisted once the chart preparation is done, the ticket is automatically cancelled, and the refund is credited as per rules.