Quick Answer: What Is Difference Between M Ticket And E Ticket?

What is difference between I ticket and E ticket?

Once booked through the website, i-ticket is couriered to the given address that takes some days to deliver, while e-tickets are directly sent to the email id within minutes of booking.

The sent email is printed and used as railway ticket for journey.

What does M ticket mean?

M-tickets are basically mobile tickets that bookmyshow offers you which you can opt for. M-ticket is a QR code which is sent to you by bookmyshow. You can show that QR code when they ask you for tickets. All theaters do not have the option of going for a M-ticket.

What is an E ticket train?

E-tickets (or ‘Electronic’ tickets) have moved collecting your ticket into the 21st Century. And now you can get one when you book your journey, for free. You can keep this code on your phone, or print it off at home, and scan it at the gate or show it whenever you’re asked for your ticket.

How do I get my e ticket on my phone?

Choose the ‘Mobile Ticket’ option when booking on our app or website. If booking on the web, you’ll receive a confirmation email after purchase. Simply open it on your phone to download your tickets to the app.