Question: What Is Convenience Fee In Goibibo?

Goibibo charges a non-refundable per passenger convenience fee of Rs.

279/- for oneway flights and Rs.

429/- for roundtrip flights, however, it may vary for few sectors/airlines.

What is convenience fee for a airline ticket?

If you transact online—be it to book tickets or to pay bills—chances are that you have paid an extra amount as convenience fee. This charge is levied by the channel that allows you to pay for a product or service using its platform or payment mode.

Why have a convenience fee?

What convenience fees are. Convenience fees are charges levied for the privilege of paying for a product or service using an alternative payment, or a payment method that is not standard for the merchant. Movie theaters, for example, typically sell tickets face-to-face at the box office.

How do I avoid flight convenience fees?

How can I avoid a convenience charge during an air ticket booking? Indigo has an option to hold your tickets at same price for 6 hours or 72 hours before departure of flight whichever is earlier. Step 2: select hold your ticket option.

What is standard convenience fee?

A convenience fee is a fee assessed by a payee when a consumer pays with an electronic payment card rather than by cash, check or Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfer. Types of payments where the payee typically charges a convenience fee include mortgage payments, property tax payments, college tuition, and taxes.

How can Goibibo avoid convenience fees?

Goibibo charges a non-refundable per passenger convenience fee of Rs.279/- for oneway flights and Rs.429/- for roundtrip flights, however, it may vary for few sectors/airlines. Minimum 2 passengers will be required in the PNR after cancellation in case booked under family fare.

Convenience fees are a subset of credit card surcharges, and are permitted in all states. However, laws govern when a business can and cannot charge their customers a fee. The convenience fee is paid because of the payment by online, and not specifically because the customer used a credit card.

Why do airlines charge convenience fees?

In case of credit card, debit card, net banking and cash card fees, charges levied by banks and cash card companies were earlier borne by the airlines, but they’re now being passed on to customers as a convenience fee. – The fees charged by the OTA’s are higher than that charged by the Airlines.

What is the difference between a surcharge and a convenience fee?

You cannot charge a convenience fee for recurring payments. Surcharges are a bit different. Surcharges are fees that a retailer adds to the cost of a purchase when a customer uses a charge/credit card. A surcharge is a percentage of the value of the sale.

What is convenience fee Paytm?

Paytm claims flexibility in UPI, debit card, net banking and Paytm wallet payment. Amidst various allegations of charging illegitimate transaction fees, Paytm has maintained its stand on not passing on the Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) that banks and various companies charge for an online transaction, to the customer.