What Is Cineworld Unlimited Premium?

Premium Unlimited – continue your membership after the first year and we’ll upgrade you to the black Premium Unlimited Card at no extra cost.

The Premium Unlimited card currently comes with exclusive offers*, including: a massive 25% off food and drink on every visit.

unlimited 3D movies (without paying the uplift)

How much is unlimited Cineworld?

Cineworld Unlimited price options

All Cineworld Cinemas (Except London West End)All Cineworld Cinemas (Including London West End)
Cost per month (12 months)£17.40£19.90
Annual cost (one off cost)£202.80£238.80

Can you get a Cineworld Unlimited card for just a month?

Don’t miss a flick with the Cineworld Unlimited Card!!! Exclusive to Cineworld Cinemas it is the ultimate movie lover’s card where you get to experience unlimited tears, unlimited horror, unlimited laughter, unlimited fear, unlimited movies on any day and at any time from just £11.99 a month.

Can I buy a Cineworld Unlimited card at the cinema?

Tickets online via My Cineworld*: To use your temporary Unlimited Card to book tickets online using the Unlimited Card online booking offer you will need to register for a My Cineworld account and input your Unlimited Card number.

How does Cineworld Unlimited card work?

To use the Unlimited Card in cinema, the Unlimited Member must present it at a Cineworld Cinema box office or Ticket and Concessions stand. 7.6 Using tickets at the cinema The Unlimited Card must be shown when the tickets (including e-tickets) are checked before entering the relevant auditorium.

What is unlimited Cineworld?

Put simply, the benefit is unlimited cinema. Join Unlimited for a minimum of 12 months, pay your subscription and use your Unlimited Card to access Cineworld Cinemas and watch any public 2D film screening (sitting in one of our comfy standard seats in a standard auditorium), as often as you like.

How much are tickets at Cineworld?

Cineworld Prices (UK)

Children (ages 1-14)£6.50 – 10.25
Adult (15+)**£8.70 – £11.50
Senior/Student£6.30 – £10.25
Family (2/2 or 1/3)£25.00 – £32.50

84 more rows

How do I renew my Cineworld Unlimited card?

You will need to contact the Unlimited Helpline by telephone to renew your Unlimited membership as it is not possible to extend annual subscriptions or change payment plans via the Cineworld Website or Unlimited Tablets and receive the upgrade to (or retain) the black Premium Unlimited Card.

What happens if I cancel my Cineworld Unlimited card?

If you change your mind about your membership, you can cancel any time after the first 12 months of your contract by providing one months’ notice in writing to unlimited@cineworld.co.uk or by calling the Unlimited Helpline on the number above.

Can I use my friends Cineworld Unlimited card?

Get an additional cinema ticket for a friend for just 70p (Cineworld Unlimited Card Holders Only) or FREE if you don’t book! Cineworld has an unlimited card which gives you unlimited access to watch any 2D film when you want and as many times as you want.

How do you get a cineworld discount?

Click on the ‘See Code’ button & go to the Cineworld site to book your ticket. Once you’ve found a movie, register for a My Cineworld account or continue as a guest. Choose your ticket type, enter your Cineworld code in the promo code box, and click ‘Apply’ to get the discount.

How do I pay my Cineworld Unlimited card?

Just go to www.cineworld.com/unlimited, click on the link next to ‘Unlimited missed payment?’, enter your Unlimited Card number and follow the instructions on screen. You will need a debit, credit or charge card to make the payment.

How old do you have to be for a Cineworld Unlimited card?

Customers of all ages are welcome to join our Unlimited Card scheme although if you are under 18 years old someone aged 18 years or over will need to sign up on your behalf and pay for your Unlimited Card.