What Is Cineworld Superscreen?

Superscreen allows customers to see the latest blockbusters on a breath-taking wall-to-wall and ceiling-high screen.

The Superscreen at Cineworld Didsbury seats 519 people, has laser 4K projection giving a brighter 3D experience and stunning multidimensional Dolby Atmos sound through 38 speakers.

Is superscreen worth?

It’s frankly the only screen that is worth seeing 3d movies in due to the higher dynamic range and brightness of the laser projection. But for 2d blockbusters the O2 Superscreen wins for comfort and scale . Though Leicester Square IMAX have slightly better acoustics.

Does Cineworld Unlimited include superscreen?

Premium Unlimited – continue your membership after the first year and we’ll upgrade you to the black Premium Unlimited Card at no extra cost. The Premium Unlimited card currently comes with exclusive offers*, including: a massive 25% off food and drink on every visit. unlimited 3D movies (without paying the uplift)

Is superscreen the same as IMAX?

BFI IMAX vs Cineworld L Sq IMAX (or Superscreen)?

Edit: Also useful to know for 3D only as the laser projection is arguably much better for 3D. Laser is just a different light source. It’s not “arguably better” for 3d than it is “arguably better” in general.

What is superscreen DLX?

Superscreen℠ DLX

The recliner seating brings comfort and seven feet of legroom between the rows of seats, while the Dolby Atmos sound features speakers all throughout the auditorium, allowing guests to get immersed in the on-screen action.