Question: What Does Wearing Two Different Shoes Mean?

Wearing two different shoes in public typically indicates an extreme disregard for social norms — it can mean only two things: You’re in the middle of a mental breakdown, or your house was on fire and you grabbed whatever you could.

What does wearing two different shoes in a dream mean?

To dream of wearing two different shoes represents feelings about conflicting approaches to a situation. Two different simultaneous methods of living, doing your job, or living in a relationship.

What do shoes symbolize?

Shoes in symbolism have a contradictory significance. They represent authority and power, but they can also represent humility, servitude. It all depends on the context we find them in. In some religions, when you enter a temple you are required to put off your shoes, showing humbleness and respect to the divine.

What does wearing odd shoes mean?

Odd Shoes. Shoes in a dream can represent travel, a vehicle, or things that propel you in your life. The significance of this is usually that you psyche is trying to draw your attention to your shoes so that you get the meaning.

Are mismatched socks in style?

While matched socks are no-brainers, mismatching actually requires more effort and fashion sense: To begin with, buy a few pairs of low-cut socks of the same design and similar colors (e.g. black + navy, red + brown). Wear the mismatched pairs under long pants or dresses to get a feel for them.