Quick Answer: What Does Vuextreme Mean?

Boasting crystal clear picture quality and immersive surround sound, VueXtreme brings a whole new dimension to big screen entertainment.

The thrill seekers experience called VUE XTREME is the cream of cinema allowing you full supersized sound and vision.

What does Xtreme mean at the movies?

Yes, most of you probably have no idea what an Xtreme theater is. It’s basically one brand of cineplexes that wanted a larger theater, and probably didn’t want to pay IMAX. It’s described as a “wall to wall, floor to ceiling screen, with a superior projector and sound system” or something to that effect.

Is IMAX better than iSense?

“The IMAX ratio gives audiences 26 per cent more picture and the image is ten times clearer than a traditional screen,” he said. “Isense offers a similar visual experience to IMAX, but we are able to be more flexible with films that aren’t released as an IMAX film.”

Does Vue have IMAX?

Vue IMAX movies

Immerse yourself completely in the big screen experience with Vue IMAX. Every aspect of our IMAX screenings is designed to pull you into the film.

What is VUE VIP seating?

79 Vue sites currently feature VIP seating. The seats themselves are larger and plusher with extra leg room, and are located right in the middle of the auditorium to give the optimum viewing vantage point. What are VIP seats?