Quick Answer: What Does Cc Ds No Passes Mean?

Movies available with the captioning service are displayed with the “CC” designation next to the showtime, or a CC/DS designation, which means the film is available with both captioning the deaf and hard of hearing and described video services for the blind and visually impaired.

What does it mean by no passes at Cineplex?

Cineplex on Twitter: “@laineey4 no passes means you can’t use any promotional coupon or code when purchasing tickets for that film.

What does sorry no comp passes mean?

What does no passes mean? I was in the process of buying tickets for a movie and the movie said no passes. “No Passes” does not mean the movie is sold out. Rather, it means that you cannot use free movie passes such as rewards from redeeming points/credits.

What does AD and CC mean at the movies?

Audio Description (AD), Closed Captions (CC) & Open Captions (OC) AD – Audio Description. Is an overall system that assists customer with visual impairments (VI). The transmitter enables the receiver (pack + headphones) worn by the guest to hear Audio Description soundtrack (VI).

What is CC DC in movie ticket?

The label “CC” refers to Closed Captioning, where guests who are deaf, deafened or hard of hearing may use a display unit to receive captions.