Question: What Day Is Senior Discount At Salvation Army?

Does Salvation Army have senior discount?

Salvation Army Senior Discount.

Check out your local Salvation Army Family Store and get 15% to 50% discount off your purchase for shoppers 55+ and save big on clothing, accessories, furniture, books, household items, and more!

Does TJ Maxx have a Senior Discount Day?

T.J. Maxx has discounts up to 10% for senior citizens 55+ on certain days of the week at participating location.

What places offer senior discounts?

Look for these restaurant senior discounts:

  • 10% off purchases for seniors at participating Dairy Queen locations.
  • Denny’s 55-plus menu, which offers discounted prices for seniors.
  • Discounts on beverages and coffee at participating McDonald’s locations.
  • IHOP’s 55+ breakfast sampler, which offers deals for seniors.

What age is the senior discount at AMC Theaters?