Question: What Can You Do With An M Ticket?

You can now purchase your Day, Weekly, 4-Weekly or Annual Saver ticket using your mobile phone.

It’s quick, easy and hassle-free.

Save time.

When others are fumbling for change, you simply show the driver your m-ticket on your mobile screen.

How do I use M ticket?

M-Ticket. Once your booking is confirmed, you’ll receive a link along with the confirmation SMS. Click on it, download the M-Ticket on your mobile, no printout needed. Scan the QR code at the cinema entrance and enjoy the show!

Do M tickets work without Internet?

No; while you don’t need an internet connection at the point you ‘activate’ an already purchased ticket, a regular internet connection is required by the app to keep content up to date and secure.

How does Arriva M Ticket work?

Download the free “Arriva M-Ticket” app from the App Store (iPhone users) or Google Play (Android users). Activate your ticket when you’re ready to use it. Your ticket will be displayed on the phone screen and this will simply need to be shown to the driver.

What is an mTicket?

An M Ticket is an electronic ticket sent to and stored on your smartphone, and only available if you have the Northern app (or other some other train company apps) on your phone. Any tickets purchased will be stored in the Ticket Wallet in the app and must be activated before getting on the train.

What is M ticket supported?

An MTicket is an SMS that is sent to your mobile on booking a ticket with selected operators. This SMS has the TIN and PNR number along with other ticket related information.

What is M ticket in bus?

An mTicket is an SMS that is sent to your mobile on booking a ticket with select operators. This SMS has the TIN number and the PNR number along with other ticket related information. It can be used to board the bus.

How long do M tickets last?

How long do m-tickets last? When you buy an m-ticket, you have up to 180 days from purchase to activate and use it.

How do I use M ticket on first bus?

How to buy a ticket in the First Bus App

  • Press the mTickets button on the menu bar.
  • Select your ticket. You can also use the handy ‘Buy again’ button.
  • Sign in with your mTickets account or select ‘Create account’ to register.

How long does a Lothian day ticket last?

3.8 Network Day Tickets are valid for an unlimited number of journeys on Lothian Buses day services, Edinburgh Trams, Airlink, Skylink, EastCoastbuses day services, and Lothian Country for one day, and the following morning’s NightBus & NightHawk services.

What’s an M ticket?

An m-Ticket is just like the standard orange rail ticket, but it’s held on your mobile device. You can buy a ticket, download it to your mobile device and then present to rail staff to show you have a valid ticket for your journey in the same way you would a paper ticket.

Can I buy a monthly Arriva ticket on the bus?

A:Most tickets are available on the bus from our bus drivers. Many of our multi-journey Saver tickets are also available online, through your mobile phone or from your local shop if it is a PayPoint or Payzone outlet.

Can I use an Arriva ticket on a first bus?

You can buy your Weekly Saver from the driver on the first Arriva bus you board (except on Arriva Yorkshire buses).

What is M ticket and E ticket?

E-ticket: Print it!

E-tickets are more and more used. Indeed, e-tickets allow consumers to gain a certain amount of time before events such as cinema and concerts or before travelling by plane, train or bus. E-Tickets are different from traditional tickets. An E-ticket can be directly printed at home for example.

How long do bus tickets last?

A single fare is valid for 90 minutes on bus, SkyTrain and SeaBus. Your fare is calculated from the time you tap at a card reader.

How can I get M ticket from BookMyShow?

BookMyShow has a convenient way for your ticket collection. Now, enable the M-ticket option on your BookMyShow app and/or select the M-ticket option on the website. – Download the M-Ticket on your mobile, no printout needed. Show/Scan the QR code at the cinema entrance and enjoy the show.