Question: What Age Can You Get Seniors Card?

Can I get a seniors card at 55?

For more information head to the ACT Seniors Card website.

To qualify for the NSW Seniors Card you must be a permanent resident of the state, aged 60 or over and working no more than 20 hours a week.

Is the age 55 considered a senior citizen?

Some dictionaries define “senior citizen” as a person over the age of 65. In everyday speech, the term is often shortened to “senior.” Denny’s offers a senior discount menu for people age 55 and over. Theaters offer senior discounts for those 60 and over.

Who is eligible for Seniors Card?

Eligibility requirements

EligibilityVictorian Seniors CardSeniors Business Discount Card
60 years of age or over
Working less than 35 hours per week in paid employment, or fully retiredX
A permanent resident of Australia, residing in Victoria

What age can you get a seniors card in Qld?

Seniors Card or Seniors Card+go

60–64 years, working less than 35 hours a week in paid employment and the holder of 1 of the below: Commonwealth Pensioner Concession Card* Commonwealth Health Care Card*