Question: Which Motherboard Is Best For I7 9700k?

Is the i7 9700k good for gaming?

The Bottom Line Intel’s Core i7-9700K is a proficient mainstream CPU for gaming enthusiasts, but AMD’s Ryzen 7 3700X offers better value and better performance on many computing tasks..

Does i7 9700k work with z370?

The short answer to that is no, the new processors are also on the LGA1151v2 socket, meaning they will be able to run on your older H310, B360, H370 and Z370 mainboards, as long as the manufacturer released a BIOS that enables the use of the new processors.

Is the i7 9700k future proof?

There isn’t any processor that is future proof. Sooner or later its performance will not be enough, and you will need to replace it. … i7 9700K is a good CPU. But I believe in coming years more games, programs will make use of more threads, and its 8 threads will make you to want to replace it sooner.

Is 650w power supply enough for an i7?

So PCI cards, keyboard, mouse, USB devices, optical drives, storage etc. However your build will likely pull a max load wattage of around 480-500W, so a 650W will be fine.

Is i7 9700k better than 8700k?

This is made obvious by our 7980XE at 4.6GHz outperforming CPUs like the 9700K at 5.1GHz. The 9700K stock CPU ends up at 127FPS AVG, marginally better than the 8700K at 5GHz. There is about a 12% uplift over the stock 8700K, a noteworthy gain, and this comes down to stock frequency increases in the 9700K.

Is a 650w power supply enough for gaming?

A 650W supply should be adequate for a system with a desktop CPU, even overclocked, and any single graphics card, unless you’re aiming for overclocking records. (CPU power draw of as much as a KILOWATT has been reported during record runs using liquid nitrogen cooling.)

Is it worth upgrading from 8700k to 9700k?

9700k will perform slightly better, and have slightly better thermals. However, in gaming depending on the resolution an 8700k could proba LG fit your needs perfectly. get the 8700k, and a better cooler. … Unless you want to make use of the extra threads the 8700K has in things like streaming and editing.

What’s the difference between i7 9700k and i7 9700k?

Slightly faster OC 64-core speed. Slightly faster 64-core speed. Intel’s Core i7-9700K is an unlocked 9th generation Coffee Lake CPU. … The 9700K has stock base / boost clocks of 3.6 / 4.6 GHz and a single core boost of 4.9 GHz (compared to 3.6, 4.7 and 5.0 GHz for the flagship 9900K).

Is the i7 9700k worth it?

Our Verdict. For the enthusiasts among us who have some breathing room in their budgets, Core i7-9700K is a much smarter choice for gaming than the pricey Core i9-9900K. It serves up similar performance at a significantly lower price. It’s no slouch in heavier applications either, thanks to eight physical cores.

What motherboard works with i7 9700k?

Best Motherboard for i7 9700K Intel Processor in 2020ASUS Prime Z390-A Budget Motherboard for i7 9700K. … ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero Best Gaming Motherboard for i7 9700K. … MSI MPG Z390 Best Overclocking Motherboard for i7 9700K. … MSI Z390-A Pro Motherboard for i7 9700K. … Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Ultra Best Premium Motherboard for i7 9700K. … GIGABYTE Aorus Master – Motherboard for i7 9700K.More items…•

What is the best motherboard for Intel i7 9700k?

The Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 is the best motherboard when it comes to i7-9700k motherboard compatibility.

What power supply do I need for i7 9700k?

Core i7-9700K does not need a PSU with more than 750W if your components don’t absorb high power.