Question: Is Maths And English GCSE Free?

Does a BTEC count as a GCSE?

BTECs at levels 1 and 2 are equivalent to GCSEs.

BTECs are vocational qualifications, rather than traditional academic courses.

Typical subjects offered at BTEC level include Business Studies, Travel and Tourism, Engineering and Information Technology.

You can’t study subjects like History or English at BTEC level..

What is equivalent to GCSE maths and English?

Functional skills level 2 maths and English are considered to be the closest equivalents to GCSE’s and nearly all universities and higher education providers accept these as do most employers.

Do you have to pay for GCSEs?

If you don’t already have GCSEs, A levels or equal qualifications, you may be able to study for them without having to pay any tuition fees. You’ll be able to get free tuition: … if you’re 25 or under, for a course which leads to your first full Level 3 qualification.

Can I do GCSE maths online?

By enrolling on the Mathematics GCSE with Online Learning College, students will be able to work through a variety of lessons, assignments and mock examinations to get ready for their Edexcel exam. … You can find the Edexcel specification for this GCSE Mathematics course on their website by clicking here.

Can you retake GCSE maths English?

Where can I resit? If you are enrolled on a level 3 course at a college, sixth form or school, you will be able to resit your GCSE English and maths exams there, or arrangements will be made to sit them at a partner institution.

Is there an alternative to GCSEs?

This year, students have a new route into work and further study. The diploma is a new qualification for 14- to 19-year-olds was introduced this September. It’s called the diploma, and it is an alternative to the traditional GCSE route, but one which gives you just as many options.