Question: Is It Cheaper To Buy Broadway Tickets Online Or At The Box Office?

Is it cheaper to buy tickets at box office?

Buy Direct from the Box Office to Avoid Service Fees

In a lot of cases you can skip the service charge imposed by the likes of Ticketmaster by heading directly to the venue to purchase them.

Most larger music venues and stadiums have a box office where you can purchase tickets directly.

Can you buy Broadway tickets at the box office?

Broadway Tickets via the Box Office – You can always buy tickets in person directly from the theatre’s box office and have the opportunity to select the perfect date and location, and there are no additional service or handling fees.

How do I get the best deal on Broadway tickets?

Here are eight ways to get cheap Broadway tickets in New York City.

  • Kids’ Night on Broadway.
  • Broadway Roulette.
  • Enter a Ticket Lottery.
  • Join/Follow Discount Ticket Sites and Apps.
  • Be Open to Off-Broadway.
  • Join Theater Development Fund (TDF)
  • Get Cheaper Tickets in Person.
  • Student Rush Tickets.

Are Broadway tickets cheaper the day of the show?

The classic way to find deeply discounted tickets is to wait in line, on the day of the show, at TDF’s TKTS Booth under the red steps in Duffy Square (47th Street and Broadway). As a general rule, the earlier you get to TKTS the better, but blocks of good seats are sometimes released closer to curtain time.