Is Hoyts Popcorn Dairy Free?

HOYTS Popcorn Ingredients.

Our popcorn is Kosher, Vegetarian, Vegan and suitable for Coeliacs.

As there is no gluten, wheat or lactose present.

Does movie popcorn have dairy?

Regal’s popcorn is gluten-free (if you’re into that), and it’s popped using canola oil. AMC Theatres is another theater chain with many locations, and its popcorn is made with coconut oil, which does not contain any dairy products.

Is the popcorn at AMC vegan?

And, thankfully, it’s vegan-friendly. Don’t let the questionable, neon-colored “butter” topping deceive, because at national theater chains like AMC Theaters and Cinemark, popcorn is totally vegan. At AMC Theaters, they even pop gluten-free, trans-fat free popcorn kernels in coconut oil.

What are the ingredients in popcorn?

Popcorn, corn oil, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, dehydrated cheddar cheese (milk, cheese culture, salt, enzymes), whey, butter milk, salt, sodium phosphate, lactic acid. Popcorn, corn oil, sugar, corn syrup, butter, salt, lecithin. Caramel: Popcorn, brown sugar, corn oil, corn syrup, butter, salt, lecithin.

How many calories are in a large popcorn at Hoyts?

How Many Calories Are In Movie Theater Popcorn?

Food ItemCaloriesCarbs
Popcorn (large)1060 calories125g
Popcorn (regular)810 calories98g
Popcorn (small)530 calories61g
Hoyts Popcorn

38 more rows