Question: How Much Was Gas Back In 1969?


DateNominal PriceInflation Adjusted Gas Price

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How much did a loaf of bread cost in 1969?

A gallon of gasoline cost$0.32$1.48
A loaf of bread cost$0.23$0.96
A gallon milk cost$1.10$1.60
A dozen eggs cost$0.62$0.80

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What was the price of a gallon of milk in 1969?


Cost of a new home:$27,900.00
Cost of a first-class stamp:$0.06
Cost of a gallon of regular gas:$0.35
Cost of a dozen eggs:$0.62
Cost of a gallon of Milk:$1.10

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How much did a TV cost in 1969?

Prices for Televisions, 1969-2019 ($300)

Between 1969 and 2019: Televisions experienced an average inflation rate of -7.88% per year. This rate of change indicates significant deflation. In other words, televisions costing $300 in the year 1969 would cost $4.95 in 2019 for an equivalent purchase.

How much did a loaf of bread cost in 1919?

a loaf of bread: 7 cents. a dozen eggs: 34 cents.