How Much Is Popcorn At AMC?

AMC Concession Prices

Popcorn (Small)$6.09 – $7.09
Popcorn (Medium)$7.10 – $8.09
Popcorn (Large)$8.10 – $9.09

40 more rows

Is there free popcorn refills at AMC?

All members get a free refill on their large popcorn. Every time. Upgrade to AMC Stubs PremiereTM and get FREE size upgrades on popcorn and fountain drinks every time you visit. It’s just $15 a year.

How much is the 2019 AMC popcorn bucket?

Buy the 2019 Annual Popcorn Bucket now and get refills for just $4.49 all year! Only $20.99* for AMC Stubs® members at your hometown AMC CLASSIC. The 2019 annual popcorn bucket is valid through December 31, 2019 at AMC CLASSIC locations.

How much is popcorn at Regal?

Regal Concessions
Small Popcorn$6.25
Medium Popcorn$7.25
Large Popcorn$8.25

34 more rows

How much does popcorn at the movies cost?

Cinemark Concession Prices

Popcorn (Large)$7.80 – $8.00
Candy (Small)$2.20 – $2.40
Candy (Medium)$3.40 – $3.60

57 more rows

How much is popcorn and soda at AMC?

AMC Concession Prices

1 Large Popcorn + 1 Large Drink$14.59
1 Large Popcorn + 2 Large Drinks$20.79
1 Movie Nachos + 1 Large Drink$13.09
Kidspack (Kid’s popcorn, drink, Frooti Tooti)$6.89 – $9.59

40 more rows

Can you bring your own food into AMC?

While some theaters request no outside food be brought in, AMC Entertainment Inc., one of the country’s largest movie chains, has an outright ban. People who ignore the rule can be asked to leave. In the suit, Thompson stated that he brought his own food to the theater until folks were banned from bringing snacks in.

How much is AMC refillable popcorn bucket?

The fine print says: “The 2018 annual popcorn bucket is valid through December 31, 2018 at AMC CLASSIC locations. AMC Stubs members must provide proof of active membership to receive the $20.99 bucket price, while supplies last. Bucket refills are available for $4.49 per visit through December 31, 2018.

Can I bring water into movie theater?

Yes! Actually, bottled water is the only beverage a guest can bring into a movie theater without ever being hassled over. If they bring their own bottle, even an empty one that they’ll fill at the fountain, that is perfectly up to them.

Are popcorn refills free at AMC?

Its Insider club is free to join and gets you perks like free refills on large popcorns, $5 Tuesday Tickets and a free large popcorn for your birthday. With an AMC Stubs A-List membership, you’ll receive all the AMC Stubs Premiere benefits free of charge.