Quick Answer: How Much Do I Have On My AMC Gift Card?

Click Here to check your gift card balance.

You can also visit any AMC Theatre or call 1-800-255-0311 for balance inquiries.

How do you check the amount on a gift card?

To check gift card balance, you will need the card number and, if applicable, the PIN or security code located on the back of the card. Most retailers & restaurants allow you to check the balance online, by calling the toll-free number located on the card, or by visiting them in person.

Can you cash in AMC gift cards?

AMC Gift Cards Terms & Conditions

Not redeemable for cash unless required by law. Not a credit or debit card. For balance or other customer service inquiries, including replacement of physical card, and AMC Theatre brands, visit any AMC theatre, log on to amctheatres.com or call 1.800.255.0311.

Where can I use my AMC gift card?

You can purchase AMC Gift Cards online, through Guest Services at your local AMC theatre and at participating retailers such as Safeway, Kroger, Wal-Mart, CVS and Walgreens.

Can I buy two tickets with AMC a list?

This means you can reserve your A-list ticket but also book a ticket or reserve a seat next to you for your friends/family/significant other ahead of time. Can I buy 2 tickets with an AMC A list?

How do you check how much money is on a Visa gift card?

Start by looking at the back of your gift card. Typically, you’ll find a toll-free number you can call to discover your balance. Or you can check your balance by visiting the card issuer’s site and entering your card’s 16-digit number and security code.

Do gift cards expire?

A. Under federal law, a gift card cannot expire in less than five years after the date of purchase. But if it’s not used within 12 months, fees for inactivity, dormancy or service can be charged to the card each month, diminishing its value.

Can AMC gift cards be used anywhere?

GiftCards.com’s AMC Theatres gift card is a plastic or digital gift card pre-loaded (also known as an eGift card) with a monetary value. You may purchase this gift card on GiftCards.com and use it to purchase tickets or concessions at any AMC theatre or online at AMC Theatres.

Can I use an AMC gift card at a Regal theater?

Some theater gift cards and movie passes issued by an individual theater chain can only be redeemed at that chain’s physical theater box office. You can use a theater gift card on Fandango issued by one of the following theater chains ONLY: AMC, Regal, Cinemark, Carmike, Kerasotes, Pacific and Southern theaters.

How can I trade in gift cards for cash?

Here’s the fastest way to get cash for gift cards:

  • Check the balance of your gift card.
  • Take the gift card to a Gift Card Exchange kiosk.
  • Enter the gift card information into the system.
  • Review the cash back offer and decide if you want to accept it.
  • Upon acceptance, print the voucher.

How do I use my AMC gift card on Fandango?

Once signed in, you will be taken to the checkout page. Below Order Summary, select “Use Gift Card” and enter your gift card number and PIN (if available). If your purchase is more than the value of your Fandango gift card, you can pay the remaining balance with another method of payment.

Are Regal and AMC theaters the same?

Regal Entertainment Group (NYSE: RGC) operates the largest movie theater chain in the United States. Accordingly, it is AMC Entertainment Holdings’ primary competitor. Regal operates 561 theaters with 7,315 screens. Approximately 80% of Regal theaters offer stadium seating.

What is an AMC black ticket?

Black Tickets are valid for one admission to any movie. These tickets are subject to surcharge for : 3D, premium large screen format (e.g., IMAX®, Dolby®, AMC Prime®), alternative content, dine-in-theatres, film festivals, special theatrical presentations and premium services.

How many tickets do you get with AMC a list?

The app will allow you do this and charge you for the non A-List seats at checkout. I suggest signing up for a-list tonight and use one of this week’s ticket to watch US. If you have an amc near you and you watch at least 2 movies a month, you’ve got your money back already. Its 3 tickets a week for YOU.

How much does AMC a list cost?

AMC Theatres is raising the price of its subscription movie plan Stubs A-List — at least in a handful of states. Rather than simply charging $19.95 per month across-the-board, AMC will soon offer differing prices to residents of different states.

Can you see two movies in one day with AMC a list?

A-List allows you to see up to three movies at AMC Theatres every week for $19.95 plus tax per month. Services like MoviePass have started restricting you to one movie per day, or may not allow you to see the same movie twice. These aren’t problems for A-List. However, there are a couple of minor caveats to this.