Question: How Do You Buy Hoyts Tickets Online?

How to Purchase Tickets Online

  • To purchase your tickets online, visit our website, (AU) or (NZ) and select the cinema and session that you’d like to see.
  • At the ticket selection stage, select the amount of tickets required.
  • Select the “CONTINUE” button.
  • After selecting seats, press ‘CONTINUE’

How much do tickets cost at Hoyts?

Hoyts Ticket Prices (AUS)

Children$15.50 – $16.50
Adults$15.50 – $16.50
Seniors$15.50 – $16.50
Student / Concession$15.50 – $16.50

53 more rows

How do I use my Hoyts voucher online?

Scroll down and enter your credit card details. Only 1 gift card can be redeemed at once online. Third party movie gift cards can be used in store at any HOYTS or Berkeley Cinema NZ. Currently third party gift cards cannot be redeemed online.

Can you buy movie tickets as a gift?

Second, there are two ways: gift cards or ticket purchase. Gift Cards: Treat anyone to a VIP movie experience! If you’re going together, you can also buy your friend’s ticket from the app: Select desired Move, Date, and Showtime.

How can I get cheap movie tickets?

How to Get Cheap Movie Tickets: 8 Ways to Save at the Cinema

  1. Click the banner below for local movie deals on our site.
  2. Purchase a dinner-and-a-movie package.
  3. Go to the matinee.
  4. Check for a senior discount.
  5. Check for a student discount.
  6. Browse discount movie ticket apps like DealFlicks.
  7. Find a free screening.

How much does movie tickets cost?

Regal Ticket Prices

Movies (matinee)
Children (<11 years)$10.00 – $13.00
Adults$10.50 – $13.50
Seniors (ages 60+)$10.00 – $13.00

80 more rows

Are movie tickets cheaper on Tuesdays?

Every Tuesday, the theater chain offer its AMC Stubs and AMC Stubs Premiere members $5 Ticket Tuesdays — get a ticket for just $5. In many cases, the savings are more than 50% off the regular ticket price, especially for evening show times.

Can I use my Hoyts gift card online?

2.1 HOYTS E-Gift Cards can only be purchased online at or through an authorised third party distributor.

Can you take food into Hoyts Cinemas?

No Outside Food And Drinks

Please note, no food and beverages sourced from outside HOYTS Cinema are allowed in the cinema.

Is Event Cinemas the same as Hoyts?

Due to The Depression, Greater Union Theatres merged into the General Film Corporation with Hoyts, a competitor who had secured Fox Film as a shareholder. In 2003 AHL and Village Roadshow combined to form Australian Theatres. Since 2009 a number of cinemas have been renamed from Greater Union Cinemas to Event Cinemas.