Question: How Do I Use My First Bus App Ticket?

Simply download the First Bus App and you’ll be able to buy tickets on your phone any time of day.

With a wide range available, including weekly and monthly tickets, you can make your purchase in advance.

Simply scan your mobile ticket when you hop on board, and you’re ready to go.

Is the first bus app free?

mTickets. The First Bus App is the cheapest and most convenient way to buy tickets.

How do you pay for a bus ticket?

Paying your fare at the MetroCard machine

  • Push the Start button.
  • Insert your MetroCard (all MetroCards are accepted)
  • Take your receipt and keep it during your ride.
  • Enter through any of the three doors and enjoy your ride.

Can I pay cash on first bus?

Contactless payments >>, Apple pay, Google pay and cash are accepted on our buses.

Can you buy tickets on the bus in Barcelona?

At each station of the metro and FGC, you can buy tickets either at ticket machines or ticket booths. The machines can also be operated in English. In the bus you can only buy single tickets from the driver. With the tickets bought on the bus you can change to other buses, but not to the metro.