How Do I Use A Mobile Ticket?

How does a mobile ticket work?

A new technology called mobile ticketing delivers tickets right to your cell phone.

The tickets arrive as a text message with a special barcode.

When you show up at the event, they’ll scan the barcode, and you’re in the door!

How do I get my Ticketmaster tickets on my phone?

How To Access Your Ticket(s) Using the Mobile Website:

  • Open web browser app and go to
  • Tap the menu icon on the top left of your screen and click “My Tickets.”
  • Sign in and tap on your order.
  • Click the “View Tickets” button to access your tickets.
  • Present barcode to get scanned for entry and you’re in!

Can my ticket be scanned on my phone?

Download the Ticketmaster app and sign in. Tap My Events to locate your order and view your tickets. To get in, you’ll simply scan your ticket right from your phone.

What is a mobile transfer ticket?

Mobile transfer tickets can also be referred to as a Mobile QR code. As it gets closer to the event, you’ll get an email from a third-party (usually from Ticketmaster or the team itself) prompting you to accept your ticket transfer.