How Do I Scan QR Codes In Inox?

How do I scan a QR code with Huawei?

Scan QR code with Camera on Huawei phone

Launch the stock Camera app on your Huawei phone.

Point the camera to the QR code you want to scan and take a photo of the QR code.

Then open the saved image file from the Camera or Gallery app, tap More button at the bottom, you will bring up a contextual menu.

How do I scan a QR code for a movie ticket?

Click on it, download the M-Ticket on your mobile, no printout needed. Scan the QR code at the cinema entrance and enjoy the show!

How do I scan a QR code with my iPhone?

How to scan a QR code

  • Open the Camera app from your device’s Home screen, Control Center, or Lock screen.
  • Hold your device so that the QR code appears in the Camera app’s viewfinder. Your device recognizes the QR code and shows a notification.
  • Tap the notification to open the link associated with the QR code.

How do I scan a QR code with Google?

Sign in using QR codes

  1. Step 1: Choose your device. Select the tab below for the device you’ll use to scan your QR code. You need to already be signed in to your Google Account on that device.
  2. Step 2: Scan the QR code. On your compatible Android phone or tablet, open the built-in camera app. Point the camera at the QR code.

How do I scan a QR code with my phone?

To scan a QR code, you need a smartphone with a camera and, in some cases, a mobile app.

How to Scan a QR Code With an Android Phone

  • Launch your camera.
  • Point it at the QR code.
  • Press and hold the home button.
  • Tap to trigger the code’s action.

How do I scan a QR code with Huawei p10?

Make a photo of the QR code and open the photo with the gallery app. Now tap the 3 dots for “more” on the bottom right and the last menu entry should be ” Scan QR code in the picture” or something else (free translated from German EMUI).

How do I scan QR codes?


  1. Open the Play Store on your Android. It’s the.
  2. Type QR code reader into the search box and tap the search button. This displays a list of QR code reading apps.
  3. Tap QR Code Reader developed by Scan.
  4. Tap Install.
  5. Tap Accept.
  6. Open QR Code Reader.
  7. Line up the QR code in the camera frame.
  8. Tap OK to open the website.

How do I scan tickets on BookMyShow?

BookMyShow has a convenient way for your ticket collection. Now, enable the M-ticket option on your BookMyShow app and/or select the M-ticket option on the website. – Download the M-Ticket on your mobile, no printout needed. Show/Scan the QR code at the cinema entrance and enjoy the show.

How do I check my tickets on BookMyShow?

Steps to book a movie ticket on

  • Step 1: You have to log in to
  • Step 2: Select your city.
  • Step 3: You need to find the movie you want to watch.
  • Step 4: Click on tickets.
  • Step 5: Select the date on which you want to watch your selected movie.

How do I scan a QR code with login?


  1. Open WeChat on your mobile device. This makes it possible to sign into WeChat on your computer without having to download a separate app.
  2. Tap +. It’s at the top-right corner of WeChat.
  3. Tap Scan QR Code.
  4. Scan the QR code on the screen with your mobile device.
  5. Tap Log In on your mobile device.

Does Google have a QR code scanner?

Google Chrome gets its own QR code & barcode scanner. The app now includes built-in scanning functionality, which you can access either via 3D Touch on the app’s icon, or you can do a search for “QR” in spotlight.

How do I scan a QR code with my Android?

To connect your device to your network using the QR code:

  • Open the NETGEAR Genie app on your mobile device.
  • Tap WiFi icon.
  • Enter the router’s user name and password if prompted.
  • Your wireless settings will appear along with the QR code at the bottom.
  • Scan the QR code from your mobile device to connect to your network.