Question: How Do I Cancel My Limitless Card?

First, please check the Limitless terms and conditions to make sure you have the right to cancel or terminate If you do have the right and still wish to do so, you’ll need to speak to us directly.

Please call the Limitless customer service line on 0333 004 4411.Calls are charged at local rates.

How do I cancel my limitless membership?

e) You can terminate your membership at any time by calling us on the Limitless customer service number (0330 0246 782) if we have breached this Membership Agreement in a material way.

Can I cancel limitless?

If you are not happy with the increased membership fee, you can terminate your Limitless membership by calling the Limitless customer service number, and we will give you a refund of any membership fees you have already paid in advance which relate to the period after the date of termination.

Does Odeon limitless automatically renew?

If you pay for your limitless in monthly subscriptions, your membership will automatically renew, once your 12 months are up.

How does Odeon limitless work?

You can book tickets using Limitless in an Odeon cinema or online. You cannot book tickets with your Limitless membership via Odeon’s apps, the mobile version of its website, or via Odeon ticket machines. Members can also book up to two tickets for screenings on subsequent days. However, your bookings cannot overlap.