How Do I Book Tickets On BookMyShow?

How do I reserve a movie ticket?

detail process of movie ticket booking online is explained with simple hindi language.

You have to log in to and find the movie you want to watch and then select the number of tickets and pay through debit or credit card.

Can we reserve tickets on Bookmyshow?

You will have to start a fresh booking on Bookmyshow. In case, you are not sure of your movie plans, you can Cancel your booking by signing in on Bookmyshow and checking the booking history. BMS reserves the sole right to modify, terminate or extend the Reserve a Seat feature.

How do I book snacks on Bookmyshow?


  • Select the movie, cinema and show of your choice.
  • On the booking summary page add your favourite snack combos.
  • Proceed to Payments page.
  • To avail offer, check AVAIL OFFERS and enter the code SNACKS100 in the offer code section.
  • Discount will be deducted from your transaction amount instantly.

How do I book a ticket and pay later?

Remember you have to pay the charges within 14 days post which you have to pay interest as well. IRCTC has introduced its ‘book now and pay later’ sometime back. Under this, one can book a ticket through IRCTC even without paying anything at the time of booking. Of course, you have to pay for the booked tickets later.

How do I book tickets on Bookmyshow app?

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Can we change seats in Bookmyshow?

This is the precise problem BookMyShow has solved with its new “reserve your seat” feature. With this feature, user will be able to block a seat (upto 4) without paying any money. User can pay for the selected seats upto an hour before the movie start time. This new feature is available only at select cinemas in India.

What is Bookmyshow pay later?

This is a special BookMyShow payment feature that enables you to pay for your booking 20 days later from the booking date. The payment date will be allotted to you on the booking day itself and 20 days later you will receive an SMS & Email for the payment.

How can I book PVR tickets without paying?

How to book pvr tickets without paying any amount using pay later option in your mobile

  1. Go to Android PVR application & Run it.
  2. select the location.
  3. select cinema hall.
  4. select movie and time.
  5. select mode of payment or choose pay later option.
  6. you need to collect the ticket before 1 hour time of show.

How do I use coupon on BookMyShow?

  • Log on to or the BookMyShow mobile application.
  • Select the Location, Movie, Cinema, Show Date & Time and Seats of your preference, as the logic flows.
  • On the Payment page, click the “Gift Voucher” tab on the left-hand side & then enter the Gift Voucher code in the text box that appears.

Why are PVR so expensive?

Why is food so expensive in theatres like PVR in India? The reason the food is expensive in theaters is because, theaters have to make huge investment so to recover that cost they have to charge more. Even they have to pay huge amount of money for the movies so it have to be recover from as many sources as possible.

What does F&B mean in BookMyShow?

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