Quick Answer: How Do I Activate M Ticket Northern Rail?

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You will need to open your Ticket Wallet, and select the ticket you wat to use by pressing the “Activate Ticket” button.

Your tickets MUST be activated at the station before travelling.

How do I activate my M ticket?

But if you have a Flexible m-Ticket, you’ll need to activate it yourself. This needs to be done before you start your journey to show us which service you’ll be using and on which day. Just open “Current tickets” and select the ticket you want to activate and click “Activate ticket.”

How do I activate my train ticket?

To use:

  • First, tap to activate it before heading to the platform.
  • Scan the ticket barcode using the glass panels at the ticket gates, or show it to train station staff.

What’s an M ticket?

What is an m-Ticket? An m-Ticket is just like the standard orange rail ticket, but it’s held on your mobile device. You can buy a ticket, download it to your mobile device and then present to rail staff to show you have a valid ticket for your journey in the same way you would a paper ticket.

How do I download train tickets?

To get the printout of your ticket follows the below steps.

  1. First of all Login in your IRCTC account.
  2. Click on My Account.
  3. After that Click on My Transactions after that click on Booked Ticket History.
  4. Select the ticket which you want to print/download.