Question: How Can I Get E Ticket From Make My Trip?


  • Log onto
  • Click on the Customer Support link.
  • Click on “Print Your E-Ticket” button under your product category (Domestic Flights, International Flights, Rail)
  • Enter the MakeMyTrip Booking ID corresponding to your booking and the Contact Number given at the time of making the Booking.

How can I get e ticket from train?

Login to URL with your existing IRCTC user id and password.

  1. Click on Book Ticket and fill in details for plan my travel.
  2. Select the train and continue the booking.
  3. Use existing passenger list or add passengers.
  4. Confirm booking details and pay through Credit/debit card to get successful.

How do I get my plane ticket if I bought it online?

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Do you need to print out your e ticket?

By it’s very name, an “Electronic Ticket”, or an “E-ticket” is not a physical item – it’s just an entry in a computer system. As a result, you do not need to physically present any specific document at time of check-in in order to get your boarding pass. So technically, no, you do not need to print anything out at all.

How does an airline e Ticket work?

An e-ticket (electronic ticketing) is an electronic version of a paper ticket, which is stored in an airline’s computer system. Check-in online using your confirmation number from your e-ticket receipt and print your boarding pass 24 hours before your flight.

How can I get e ticket from PNR?

  • Click on Print Ticket Option.
  • Enter the PNR number.
  • Click on Search Option.
  • Your PNR number will be displayed.
  • Select your PNR number.
  • And Click on Print E-ticket Option.
  • Select Print ERS (English) or Print ERS (Hindi)
  • After selction your e-Ticket will Displayed.

Can we show ticket on mobile?

You can now book your railway tickets on your mobile phone and show the SMS to the travelling ticket examiner as a proof. Indian Railways has recently launched a new facility called ‘M-ticket’ that allows passengers to board a train without taking a printout of the booked ticket — the SMS is proof enough.

Can I get my ticket at the airport?

Locate an e-ticket kiosk for your airline after you arrive at the airport. You can usually find one in the airport lobby or near your airline’s ticket counter. Occasionally, airlines have kiosks adjacent to departure gates. Some airlines allow you to enter your frequent flier number at this point as well.

Is an E ticket the same as a boarding pass?

Generally, a passenger with an electronic ticket will only need a boarding pass. If a passenger has a paper airline ticket, that ticket (or flight coupon) may be required to be attached to the boarding pass for him or her to board the aircraft.

What do I need to bring to the airport to get my ticket?

Documents and Identification Required by Domestic Airlines

A driver’s license, passport, passport card or military ID are some of the most common forms. Aside from identification, your ticket is the most critical document for domestic travel.