Quick Answer: How Can I File TDR On Make My Trip?

How do I file a TDR for tickets booked through Paytm / Makemytrip / Cleartrip / Yatra?

  • Login to your IRCTC Account.
  • Click to Booked Ticket History.
  • List of tickets where date of Journey has elapsed.
  • Select PNR for which TDR is to be filed and click “File TDR” Button.

Can I file TDR after train departure?

As per Railway rules, TDRs can be filed only for the tickets that have been cancelled. In case of a confirmed ticket, TDR has to be filed online upto four hours before the scheduled departure of the train, otherwise, you will not be eligible for the refund.

How do I get a refund from make my trip?

To process your cancellation at ZERO penalty, logon to support.makemytrip.com and process the cancellation. Waiver for your cancelation will be applied automatically. Complete amount paid at the time of booking, except for the ZERO Cancellation charges will be refunded to customers account.

How can I contact Make My Trip customer care executive?

If you would like to make a booking/enquiry on the phone, please contact our 24×7 Customer Support service.

  1. For International Hotels: 1800 102 2509 (Charges Apply)
  2. For International and Domestic Holidays: 1800 102 2509 (Charges Apply)
  3. For International Air Tickets: 1800-102-9987.

How can I change my passenger name in make my trip?

To send a name correction request, please:

  • Log into the site and enter “My account” – “My orders” – “Flight tickets” – “Booking #” – “Edit order” – “Change passenger information”;
  • To the request, attach a passport or ID copy of the passenger whose data needs changes;

When TDR should be filed?

The TDR Refund will be processed as per Extant Railway Rules. TDR should be filed before or within 30 minutes of the Departure of Train. The refund process will take at-least 60 days and more. E-ticket refund request (after chart preparation) can be filed online.

What happens when TDR is filed?

The refund case will be decided by Railways. The TDR can be filed by the same user who books the ticket. (3) No refund shall be granted on partially confirmed E-Ticket against which none of the passengers has travelled, if TDR is filed after 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of the train.

How much money will be refunded on cancellation of flight ticket?

Fee for tickets cancelled up to two hours before the scheduled departure of the flight will be R 2,250, according to the airlines. A passenger will not get any refund for the bookings cancelled 0-2 hours before scheduled departure, it said.

Can you get a refund if you cancel your flight?

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, you can cancel a non-refundable ticket and receive a full refund of any airfare booked in the United States, without cancellation fees or penalties, as long as you booked your ticket seven days ahead of your flight and you do so within 24 hours of booking.

How can I cancel my flight without penalty?

If you are booking an airfare in the United States, U.S. Department of Transportation regulations require that, as long as you’ve booked a non-refundable ticket 7 days ahead of your flight, you’re entitled to change or cancel your reservation within 24 hours of booking, without paying a cancellation fee (typically $200

How do I contact mytrip?

The number that i called is : +30 213 0184000 their working hours are Mon-Fri 08:00 – 18:00 Greek Time. You may want to call them directly, and have them call you back.

How can I download my ticket from make my trip?


  1. Log onto www.makemytrip.com.
  2. Click on the Customer Support link.
  3. Click on “Print Your E-Ticket” button under your product category (Domestic Flights, International Flights, Rail)
  4. Enter the MakeMyTrip Booking ID corresponding to your booking and the Contact Number given at the time of making the Booking.

Who is the owner of Make My Trip?

Deep Kalra

Can we change the passenger name in flight ticket?

Yes. You can change the name on a flight ticket but the airline will normally charge you an administration fee to do so. Some airlines will allow you to change the name on your reservation because of a spelling mistake but won’t allow you to transfer your flight to somebody else.

Can we change name after booking flight ticket?

You cannot change name in flight ticket, however,if you want to change other details of your booking such as date , time cancellation of the ticket you need to inform the airline that you are travelling 2 hours (time slots are different for domestic and international) before the departure of your flight.

Can I correct my name in flight ticket?

Name change: Minor name changes and spelling errors will be corrected for free. If you notice a mistake has been made you may still amend the name on your booking and ticket to reflect the correct spelling in your passport up to 2 hours before the flight is due to depart.

What is TDR in E ticket?

The TDR means Ticket Deposit Receipt. In case of i-ticket, the TDR will be issued by the Railway Authority, while in E-ticket there is no TDR issued But the customer has to file their claim through online facility provided by IRCTC. The refund will be processed by concerned Zonal Railway as per extent Railway Rules.

Do I need to file TDR for Cancelled train?

No, You don’t need to cancel the ticket.

Sometimes when does not show the status of cancelled, you can manually cancel the ticket or file a TDR but that is not necessary as railways will refund your money for sure within 4-5 working days after the Date of Journey. In case of tatkal confirmed ticket, the scene is same.

Can I file TDR for confirmed tatkal ticket?

A confirmed e-ticket can be cancelled online till chart preparation. You can book tatkal tickets one day before from the train’s scheduled departure from the origin station. People who do not undertake a train journey despite having a booked ticket and want to apply for a refund can file Ticket Deposit Receipt (TDR).