Quick Answer: Does Comcast Offer Discounts For Low Income?

Does Comcast have a program for low income?

Comcast is expanding its inexpensive Internet Essentials program to all low-income households throughout its entire service area, opening up the program to individuals with disabilities, as well as to senior citizens.

Does Xfinity have low income internet?

Comcast Internet Essentials is more than a low cost Internet connection. It’s an entire program designed to connect eligible low income customers with the Internet and to improve their computer skills. There are no installation fees, no credit checks and no long-term contracts.

Is there free Internet for low income families?

Xfinity offers an Internet Essentials program that allows qualifying customers to purchase a plan for just $9.95 per month. Internet Essentials is designed to help students, seniors, and low-income families. The program offers 15 Mbps internet and free in-home Wi-Fi and requires no credit check.

How do I get the best deal from Comcast?

Your Negotiation Plan

  • Call Comcast. Call Comcast and navigate your way through their automated phone labyrinth to Comcast’s cancellation department.
  • Cancel your service. Do not mince words.
  • Listen to your offers.
  • Ask for their manager.
  • Negotiate a better deal.

Does Comcast offer discounts for seniors?

Comcast does not offer any senior discounts on its monthly plans since it does offer the Internet Essentials plan that caters to seniors.

Is there low income internet?

The Access program from AT&T provides a low-cost option for home Internet access to low-income households in the 21 states where we offer wireline home Internet services.

Does Comcast offer free internet?

Comcast offering $10 Internet for low-income families who qualify. Families who qualify will be able to sign up for 1.5-Mbps Internet access – the same download speed as AT&T’s basic DSL service – for just $9.95 a month. Customers may also be eligible for a computer that costs just $150 and free Internet training.

Is there free internet for seniors?

7 sources of low cost internet for seniors. As part of the Comcast Internet Essentials pilot program, eligible seniors can get home internet service for $10/month, home wi-fi, a free computer, and internet training classes. In 21 states, Access from AT&T offers low cost home internet service to qualifying households.

How Fast Is Comcast Low Income Internet?

It provides low-cost Internet service (speeds up to 15/2 Mbps) for $9.95 a month plus tax including in-home WiFi at no additional charge and access to 40 hours every 30 days of WiFi outside the home through Xfinity Hotspots; the option to purchase an Internet-ready computer for $149.99; and access to free digital

Where can I get free internet?

Free Internet Access

  1. NetZero. NetZero offers you up to 10 hours per month of free Net access in exchange for displaying ad space in your browser.
  2. All Free ISP.
  3. WiFi Map.
  4. Wi-Fi Space.
  5. 1-2-Free ISP UK.
  6. SafeLink Wireless Lifeline.
  7. WhatIsMyIP.com.
  8. Free WiFi Hotspots.

How can I get free Internet at home?

But cable companies offer much more than cable TV.

  • Shop cable internet and phone.
  • Take advantage of included Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Public Wi-Fi.
  • Turn your smartphone into a wireless modem.
  • Naked DSL.
  • Satellite internet.
  • Fixed wireless internet.
  • Fiber-optic internet.

What is the cheapest way to get Internet?

The Best Cheap Internet Service Providers Comparison

Starting PriceDSL:$40/mo. Fiber: $50/mo.DSL: $28/mo. Fiber: $30/mo.
Best forFast, affordable DSLLow-cost equipment
Connection typeDSL, Fiber-OpticDSL, Fiber-Optic
Download speeds in MbpsDSL: 0.8-100 Fiber: 100-1,000DSL: 1-115 Fiber: 50-940

4 more rows