Do Stagecoach Buses Take Apple Pay?

The Stagecoach programme allows all passengers to pay for their travel with a contactless credit or debit card, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay devices.

Can you use Apple pay on Stagecoach buses?

Stagecoach is delivering even more convenient bus travel for passengers across the country with the addition of Apple Pay and Android Pay through the Stagecoach Bus smartphone app. Payments via the app can also be made by PayPal or via debit or credit card.

Does Stagecoach have Apple pay?

In addition to most major credit and debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay are accepted payment methods for purchases on the Stagecoach Bus App .

Does Apple pay work on buses?

You can use Apple Pay to pay as you go on the London Underground, bus, tram, DLR, London Overground, TFL Rail and most National Rail services in London. In general, using Apple Pay will be the same as using ‘Pay as you go’ with a contactless payment card.

Can you use your bank card on Stagecoach?

It also provides the opportunity for customers to pay for their travel using a hassle-free automatic monthly payment. Passengers can ‘tap and go’ by using their bank debit or credit cards to pay for their ticket through the use of contactless technology in a project involving Stagecoach, Mastercard and RBS WorldPay.

Do buses take credit cards?

Most major bus lines do take credit cards. Most bus line do take credit cards, however is not uncommon that some days the “system” is down, so you have to pay for it in cash.

Can you pay on card on the bus?

A: You can use a credit or debit card to pay for your ticket on buses only where contactless payment is accepted.

How does Apple pay work?

Apple Pay is a contactless payment technology for Apple devices. It was designed to move consumers away from physical wallets into a world where your debit and credit cards are on your iPhone or Apple Watch, allowing you to pay using your device instead of a card.

Can you pay for the bus with your phone?

New smartphone app allows you to use your phone to pay bus and train fares. Starting Thursday, Metro Transit riders will be able to use their smartphones to pay bus and rail fares.

Do Stagecoach buses give change?

No, our drivers should be able to provide change however, they might have to offer a voucher if they don’t have enough change when you get on. For ease, for both customers and drivers, we ask for the correct fare to be given when possible. You can now pay contactless on most Stagecoach buses.

Do all Stagecoach buses take contactless?

Contactless payment launched on Stagecoach buses. We’ve taken the first step on our journey to provide contactless bus travel across the whole of our UK services. The ticket machines also accept payment by Apple Pay and Google Pay, with no additional charge to our customers who choose to use contactless payment.

Do First buses take contactless?

The UK’s leading operator, First Bus, today announced a commitment to allow its customers to pay for travel through the use of contactless debit and credit cards. First Bus customers can already pay for bus travel using its successful smartcard and mobile payment (mTickets) mechanisms.

Do buses take cash?

Paying fare with cash

Ride On fare boxes accept coins (except pennies) and bills. If you pay your fare with cash, the exact fare is required. Bus operators cannot make change or accept money.