Question: Do Buses Take Contactless?

Contactless is a simple and secure way to pay for bus travel without needing cash.

All Visa and MasterCard cards displaying the contactless symbol , along with Apple Pay and Google Pay, can be used.

Unfortunately, we do not accept payments by American Express or Maestro.

Can you use contactless on buses?

You can pay for bus travel using an Oyster, contactless or a travelcard. You can’t pay cash anymore. Buses do not operate in zones, so you pay the same wherever you travel in London. A single bus journey using Oyster or contactless is £1.50.

Do First buses take contactless?

The UK’s leading operator, First Bus, today announced a commitment to allow its customers to pay for travel through the use of contactless debit and credit cards. First Bus customers can already pay for bus travel using its successful smartcard and mobile payment (mTickets) mechanisms.

How does contactless work on buses?

A pay as you go adult fare is £1.50 with a contactless payment, Oyster, or Visitor Oyster card. If you make another bus or tram journey within an hour of touching in on a bus or tram, your second journey will be free. UK issued contactless payment cards are accepted, just look out for the contactless symbol.

Do buses take debit cards?

Cash, checks, credit cards, debit cards, and money orders are accepted.