Do Buses Take Card Payments?

Can you pay by card on a bus?

No problem.

Secure contactless payments are now available on all of our buses.

Paying with contactless is a simple and secure way to pay for tickets without cash.

One tap of your contactless card, Apple Pay or Google Pay and you’re aboard and ready to go, no need to worry about having the right change.

Do buses take debit cards?

Cash, checks, credit cards, debit cards, and money orders are accepted.

How do you pay for the bus?

The express bus fare is $6.75.

You can pay with a Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard or 7-Day Express Bus Plus MetroCard.

How do I pay my contactless on the bus?

Look for the contactless symbol on your credit or debit card to see if your card is contactless enabled. Then, board a bus with the contactless symbol and instead of paying with cash, simply tap your card or contactless-enabled device onto the reader and wait for the beep.

Can you pay by card on a first bus?

Bus passengers could soon benefit from faster journey times and cheaper travel after First Bus introduced contactless payment machines on its vehicles. The first phase of the changes went ‘live’ at the weekend, with people now able to pay by debit or credit card when they board a bus.

Can you pay for the bus with your phone?

New smartphone app allows you to use your phone to pay bus and train fares. Starting Thursday, Metro Transit riders will be able to use their smartphones to pay bus and rail fares.

Can I pay by debit card on the bus?

Can I use my credit/debit card on the bus? A: You can use a credit or debit card to pay for your ticket on buses only where contactless payment is accepted. This has just started to be introduced in the North East and is now available on Sapphire 5 (Middlesbrough to Easington) and 5A (Middlesbrough to Brotton).

Do buses take 5 dollar bills?

The bill insertion slot is for cash. Bills should be smoothed out and inserted into the slot. $1, $5, and $10 bills are accepted. The farebox does not make change; instead you will receive a change card that can be used towards the purchase of a future ride.

How much does a bus ride cost?

Cash Fares are accepted on all buses, but must be in exact change. One-way fares range from $1.25-$3.00, or $.50-$1.50 for discounted fares. Passes are available in multiple increments, from 1 day to 31 day passes.

Do buses take cash?

Paying fare with cash

Ride On fare boxes accept coins (except pennies) and bills. If you pay your fare with cash, the exact fare is required. Bus operators cannot make change or accept money.

Can you buy a GO bus ticket on the bus?

You can buy tickets, group passes, and day passes at the ticket counter or ticket vending machine at your station. Keep your ticket, pass, or PRESTO card handy for fare inspection while you ride the train. Buy your ticket before you board the bus and show it to your driver.

How much does bus cost?

Have exact fare (cash or pass) ready to go. It quickens the boarding process for everyone. The one-way cost is $2.00 for local bus and an All-Day pass is $4.00. The one-way cost is $3.25 for RAPID and Express buses and $6.50 for an All-Day pass.