Question: Can You Use First Bus Tickets On Arriva?

Weekly Saver tickets

You can buy your Weekly Saver from the driver on the first Arriva bus you board (except on Arriva Yorkshire buses).

If your ticket is an m-ticket, all users would need to carry the same phone as the ticket can’t appear on other phones once it’s been activated.

Can I use my MCard on Arriva buses?

Arriva has a choice of money-saving multi-journey tickets offering great value to customers in the Yorkshire area. You can also buy tickets to travel on all operators’ services in West Yorkshire: please see the MCard section at the bottom of this page.

Can Stagecoach tickets be used on Arriva?

Tickets are available to buy on buses, online or from the Arriva North East and Stagecoach travel shops in Stockton and Middlesbrough. All of the tickets are loaded on to Smartcards and are not available in paper format.

Can you use Apple pay on Arriva buses?

No worries! Use contactless to pay for your next bus journey with Arriva’s awesome new payment system. We’ve introduced contactless payment across all our bus routes! Simply breeze onto the bus, tap your method of payment on the reader by the driver’s ticket machine, sit down in your seat and enjoy the ride.

Can you get student discount on Arriva buses?

Arriva Student Saver tickets will save you up to 30% on standard adult fares*, so you can make your money go further.