Can You Use Coles Vouchers Online?

Even easier, you can purchase a Coles Group & Myer Gift Card which can be redeemed in any of the above participating stores.

Coles Group & Myer and store Gift Cards may also be purchased online.

Please see our Gift Card Terms of Use.

Can you use gift cards online?

When you look at an online shopping cart, you will generally see a field to enter a gift card number (it might say “apply gift card to transaction”) and a field to enter a debit or credit card. Without a little creativity, there is generally no way to use more than one Visa card to complete an online purchase.

Can I use a Coles Myer card online?

Yes you can use your Gift Card for online purchases. Myer does not presently accept Coles Group and Myer Gift Cards or Shopping Centre Gift Cards.

Where can I use a Coles e gift card?

The Coles Group & Myer Gift Card can be used at thousands of participating stores including Coles Supermarkets, Coles Central, Coles Express, Myer, Target, Kmart, Kmart Tyre & Auto Services, Officeworks, Liquorland, Vintage Cellars and 1st Choice Liquor Superstore.

Can I buy a gift card with another gift card?

Since there is no federal or state law dictating whether or not you can buy a gift card with a gift card, companies get to decide if they will allow consumers to use gift cards in their stores to buy other gift cards–that includes buying the same brand card or a third-party card.

Can you use gift cards on target online?

Target GiftCards can’t be used to apply a payment towards a REDcard or to purchase specialty gift cards, American Express, Visa or Mastercard gift cards. Credit cards can be used in the same transaction as a third-party gift card (American Express, Visa, Mastercard, etc.).

How do I use my Visa gift card online?

When you get to the online payment processing portion of checkout, enter the gift card number, expiration date and Card Verification Number (CVN) into the fields you typically use for debit and credit card payments. Do not enter a Visa gift card number into the “gift card” field.

Can I use Myer One Rewards online?

You can use your MYER one Rewards for purchases online at or in any Myer store – even on sale items. MYER one Rewards cannot be used for purchases made on the eBay Myer store, gift card purchases, credit card payments, Give Registry non merchandise donations, Mural Hall and some food and service outlets.

What stores accept Coles Myer gift cards?

Coles Myer Gift Cards can be redeemed at any of the following stores:

  • Coles.
  • Coles Express.
  • Target.
  • Kmart.
  • Officeworks.
  • Liquorland.
  • Vintage Cellars.
  • 1st Choice Liquor Superstores.

Can you use a Coles Gift Card for petrol?

It can be used to pay for Shell fuel, as well as groceries available in-store. Coles Gift Mastercard. This Coles-branded gift card can be used around the world, anywhere that Mastercard is accepted.

Can you use a Coles e gift card in store?

Currently you can use your Coles eGift Card at any Coles or Bi-Lo Supermarkets.

What is a Coles e gift card?

The Coles Gift Card allows you to choose from a wide selection of local, regional and imported groceries and produce at Coles supermarkets nationwide. No more juggling cards or possibly losing them – the Prezzee digital Gift Card is sent instantly, received straight away and redeemable nationwide from any smart phone.

Do you have to print e gift cards?

Although egift cards are typically delivered via email, text or social media, some companies give customers the option to print egift cards at home. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a gift card you can print at home because you don’t have time to run to the store, then print an egift card instead.

What can you buy with a Coles Gift Card?

Purchasing Gift Cards in store

Gift Cards solve your problem putting the choice right into the hand of the gift receiver. Cards may be purchased at the following leading retailers: Coles, Myer, Coles Express, Kmart, Target, Liquorland, First Choice Liquor, Vintage Cellars, Officeworks.

Where can I use my Wish Gift Card?

Redeemable at all participating Woolworths Group stores and online, a WISH Gift Card is the gift of choice, saying thank you, good luck, congratulations and much more. WISH Gift Cards can be redeemed at – Woolworths Supermarkets, BIG W, Caltex Woolworths, BWS, Dan Murphy’s, Cellarmasters and Thomas Dux Grocer.

How do you use a gift card?

Click Apply a Gift Card to Your Account . Enter your claim code and click Apply to Your Balance. Note: You can also enter your claim code during checkout. You won’t be able to redeem your gift card using the 1-Click service unless you redeem the gift card funds to Your Account first.