Can You Still Get Meerkat Toys?

All purchases made from 12 May 2018 no longer qualify for a toy, but will still be eligible for a whole year of 2-for-1 cinema tickets with Meerkat movies.

“Customers already expecting a toy, or have bought a qualifying product before this date and want to claim one, can still do so.

How do I claim my meerkat toy?

How do I claim my 2 for 1?

  • Purchase a qualifying product (For qualifying purchases click here).
  • To claim your rewards, go to ‘Your account’ and select ‘Your rewards’ and follow the instructions.
  • Search ‘Meerkat’ on Google Play or the App Store, and download the Meerkat App.

How many meerkat toys are there?

Currently, there are over 15 cuddly meerkat toys to collect, each of which comes complete with a certificate of authenticity: Aleksandr, Bogdan, Maiya, Sergei, Vassily, Yakov, and Baby Oleg. We’ve designed this site to be as user-friendly as possible with dedicated pages, profiles and descriptions.

What are the names of the meerkat toys?

The new characters were Maiya, Yakov, Vassily and Bogdan.

What products qualify for meerkat movies?

1.1 MEERKAT MOVIES Membership Qualifying Products

  1. Purchase: Car insurance, Motorcycle insurance, Van insurance, Contents and/or Buildings insurance, Pet insurance, Life insurance, Landlord insurance or Travel insurance;
  2. Switch: Domestic Energy (gas and/or electric), Broadband, Home telephone or Digital TV;