Can You Refund Movie Tickets?

To refund ticket purchases at the theatre (minus the online fee), the confirmation number and credit card or gift card used in the online purchase must be presented at the box office to process a refund.

Once the showtime for the ticket has passed, tickets are not refundable.

Questions About Tickets, Purchases And Refunds At Cinemark › faq-tickets-purchases-refunds Does Fandango refund movie tickets?

In certain circumstances, you may be asked to contact our Customer Service team or the theater before the refund or exchange can be completed.

See our Fandango Movie Ticket Policy for more details.

Note that we can only refund or exchange your entire order and not individual tickets within the order.

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Can I get a refund on AMC movie tickets?

The convenience fees cannot be refunded .

Convenience fees can be waived during the purchase process when an active AMC Stubs membership is entered.

No refunds after printed showtime.

Refunds can be requested online or by calling 888-440-4262.

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Does Cinemark refund movie tickets?

Once the showtime for the ticket has passed, tickets are not refundable via the self-service option on

Refund or exchanges at the theatre’s box office: Tickets may be exchanged or refunded at the theatre’s box office any time on or before the original date of the ticket.

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How do I get a refund on movie tickets?

Go directly to the customer service desk. Make sure you have your ticket stubs or receipt for the tickets of the show you are watching. Calmly and tactfully list your complaints to the customer service representative, and ask for a refund. Provide a picture ID and the credit card with which you purchased the ticket.

Can I get a refund on Marcus movie tickets?

Ticket Refunds and Exchanges. Tickets are valid only for the film, theatre, showtime and date specified. Refunds and exchanges will not be provided after the showtime and date specified on the ticket. Please note that service and convenience fees for online and Marcus Theatres App orders are non-refundable.

How do I cancel my movie tickets?

Select show time and go to the seat layout. After booking, till a cut-off time which is communicated in the cancellation policy, you can cancel the ticket from purchase history. On purchase history, against the ticket transaction, a ‘Cancel’ button is available.

Can we cancel movie tickets?

Cancellation of A Ticket. We do have quite a few cinemas who now have a cancellation feature available. If you have booked tickets for a cinema that has the cancellation feature, you shall be able to see it in your booking under ‘Purchase History’ click on ‘Ticket’ in your mobile app.

Can you cancel booked cinema tickets?

Yes, you can cancel your booking up to 120 minutes (2 hours) before the performance provided you made your booking whilst logged in to your My Cineworld account. To cancel your booking simply login to your account, then select the ‘My bookings tab’ and select the ‘cancel booking’ option at the bottom of the page.

Does a 2 year old need a movie ticket?

Child tickets are 2-12 years. Student tickets are 13+ with a valid student ID. Not all ticket types are available for all performances. Children under age 17 requires an accompanying parent or guardian (age 21 or older) to attend R rated performances.

Do movie theaters give refunds?

Michael Alexis, a refund expert, says anything within the theater management’s control is fair game when it comes to requesting a refund. “When you buy a movie ticket, it’s a simple contract: you agree to give the cinema money, and they agree to show you a film.

How much are Marcus movie tickets?

Marcus currently owns and operates dozens of screens in several locations across Illinois, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Minnesota, Ohio, and North Dakota.

Marcus Theatres Ticket Prices.

Military Discount (with valid ID)$10.40 – $10.75
Student Discount (with valid ID)$12.40 – $13.75
3D Movies (matinee)
Children (ages 3-11)$9.00 – $10.75

60 more rows

How much do movie tickets cost now?

If you thought going to the cinema felt more expensive last year, then you were onto something. According to reports from the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO), movie ticket prices went up by 3.96% — meaning the average ticket price for 2017 was $8.97, up from $8.65 in 2016 and $8.25 in 2015.