Quick Answer: Can You Refund A Movie Ticket?

Michael Alexis, a refund expert, says anything within the theater management’s control is fair game when it comes to requesting a refund.

“When you buy a movie ticket, it’s a simple contract: you agree to give the cinema money, and they agree to show you a film.

How do I get a refund on movie tickets?

Go directly to the customer service desk. Make sure you have your ticket stubs or receipt for the tickets of the show you are watching. Calmly and tactfully list your complaints to the customer service representative, and ask for a refund. Provide a picture ID and the credit card with which you purchased the ticket.

Can you refund cinema tickets?

If the film screening is cancelled, you are entitled to a full refund. The cinema is not required to give you a refund on the cost of transport to the venue if you have already arrived, but you can ask about its policy. If you arrive late, you should still be allowed access to the cinema.

Can you refund Cineplex movie tickets?

How can I refund my movie ticket? When you’re at the theatre, a ticket may be refunded up to 30 minutes after the feature film has started. If you purchased your tickets online and you are unable to make it to your show, contact our Guest Service team by pressing the “Contact Us” button below.

Can we cancel movie tickets?

Cancellation of A Ticket. We do have quite a few cinemas who now have a cancellation feature available. If you have booked tickets for a cinema that has the cancellation feature, you shall be able to see it in your booking under ‘Purchase History’ click on ‘Ticket’ in your mobile app.