Question: Can You Redeem Hoyts Gift Cards Online?

Select gift card as your method of payment.

Only 1 gift card can be redeemed at once online.

Third party movie gift cards can be used in store at any HOYTS or Berkeley Cinema NZ.

Currently third party gift cards cannot be redeemed online.

How do I use my Hoyts voucher online?

At the ticket selection stage, in the ‘REDEEM A CINE VOUCHER’,enter the voucher number which is located under the barcode, starting with the letter “H”, and the 4 digit pin. If you have more than one cinevoucher, continue to enter each voucher as above. Then, choose your seats and continue to payment.

Do Hoyts vouchers expire?

HOYTS Gift Card – No Expiry or Date of Issue. All HOYTS Gift cards purchased prior to the 23rd March 2018, are valid for 12 months from date of purchase. If there is no expiry date or date of issue, we offer multiple ways of checking the validity.

How long do Hoyts gift cards last?

36 months

What is a Hoyts Lux voucher?


HOYTS Gift Cards are more than just a movie ticket. They allow the cardholder the freedom to decide the movie, the location and the time, with the bonus of being able to purchase at the Candy Bar. They can be redeemed online as well as in the cinema Box Office or Candy Bar.

Where can Hoyts vouchers be used?

3.1 HOYTS Gift Cards can be redeemed at any HOYTS cinema or selected affiliate cinemas in Australia at the Box Office or Candy Bar for tickets to any available movie session at any time as well as for any items at the Candy Bar.

Is Event Cinemas the same as Hoyts?

Due to The Depression, Greater Union Theatres merged into the General Film Corporation with Hoyts, a competitor who had secured Fox Film as a shareholder. In 2003 AHL and Village Roadshow combined to form Australian Theatres. Since 2009 a number of cinemas have been renamed from Greater Union Cinemas to Event Cinemas.

How do I redeem my Hoyts gift card?

Please proceed through the normal online booking process until you reach the payment stage. Select gift card as your method of payment. Enter the full gift card number and pin. You will need to enter a credit card if there is a difference in the value of the gift card and total transaction amount.

Can you take food into Hoyts Cinemas?

No Outside Food And Drinks

Please note, no food and beverages sourced from outside HOYTS Cinema are allowed in the cinema.

How do I check the expiry date of my gift card?

How can I check the balance and expiry date of my gift card? To check the balance and expiry date of your gift card, you can check your gift card details online here: Simply enter your gift card number and the 4-digit pin code when prompted.

How much are movie tickets at Hoyts?

Hoyts Ticket Prices (AUS)

Children$15.50 – $16.50
Adults$15.50 – $16.50
Seniors$15.50 – $16.50
Student / Concession$15.50 – $16.50

53 more rows

How long do movie gift cards last?

5 years

What’s included in Hoyts Lux ticket?

Called HOYTS LUX, it offers an intimate and luxurious space featuring lavish reclining chairs, an in-cinema waiter service and selection of gourmet food and an extensive wine list. But don’t worry. Popcorn and soft drinks are still on the menu — they are offered free to premium guests on arrival.

What is Lux in Hoyts?

HOYTS LUX. HOYTS LUX is our premium dine in cinema experience, combining fine wine, premium food and comfort with cutting edge sound and visuals – the guaranteed best seat in the house.

Can you buy Hoyts tickets online?

To purchase your tickets online, visit our website, (AU) or (NZ) and select the cinema and session that you’d like to see. At the ticket selection stage, select the amount of tickets required.