Quick Answer: Can You Order Movie Tickets Over The Phone?

Can I purchase movie tickets by telephone?

MovieTickets.com offers a touch-tone phone service.

When internet access isn’t available, you can purchase movie tickets by calling 1-877-789-MOVIE (1-877-789-6684).

Can you call and reserve movie tickets?

Exchanging your tickets is easy: contact BAM Ticket Services at 718.636.4100 no later than 48 hours before the original performance date, or come to the box office at least one hour prior to the original performance. Please have your tickets in hand at the time of exchange, unless held at will call.

How do you pick up movie tickets bought online?

After you complete your purchase, you’ll see a confirmation page for methods to pick up your tickets. Depending on the theater and your device, you may print your tickets at home, pick up at the box office or kiosk with a valid credit card, or use a mobile ticket (if available).

How can I get free movie tickets?

How to Get Cheap or Free Movie Tickets

  • Watch for Free Movie Ticket Offers. Brand New Images/Getty Images.
  • Attend a Free Screening. Razvan Chisu/EyeEm/Getty Images.
  • Go to the Movies on a Weekday.
  • Go to a Drive-In Theater.
  • Go Early for Cheaper Movie Tickets.
  • Work Your Memberships.
  • Buy Your Movie Tickets in Bulk.
  • Enter Sweepstakes to Win Movie Tickets.

How many days before movie ticket can be booked?

Usually 3-4 days before the date of screening. How do I collect movie tickets booked on BookMyShow?