Quick Answer: Can You Cancel MoviePass Anytime?

MoviePass accounts, once cancelled, will remain active until the end of the billing month, and according to the terms, you won’t be able to reactivate your account or start a new subscription for nine months.

So automatic reactivation?

It should technically be impossible.

Can I cancel my MoviePass subscription?

So, from the beginning: To cancel MoviePass, hit the account button on the app’s home screen; then choose “Account Details”; then go to “Plan & Billing Info”; next to where it says what your monthly plan is, there will be a “Cancel” button — hit that and you will be brought to the “Cancel Subscription” page; here, you

When can I cancel MoviePass?

Disgruntled by the many changes to the service over the past few weeks, on August 5, you decided to cancel your subscription. You expect to use the month of service you paid for on July 25 and then not be charged on August 25 for any future service.

Can I get a refund for MoviePass?

MoviePass™ will be providing subscribers with appropriate refunds for their period of service already paid for. Subscribers will not need to request a refund or contact MoviePass™ customer service to receive a refund.

Does MoviePass automatically bill you?

Monthly subscriptions will automatically expire for members that do not respond by the end of their billing cycle,” MoviePass said. MoviePass will begin moving subscribers to the company’s new plan starting Wednesday, which for $10 a month allows subscribers to see three movies a month at movie theaters.