Question: Can You Buy Tickets On The MBTA?

With the new MBTA mTicket App for Commuter Rail and Ferry, you can securely purchase MBTA Commuter Rail and Ferry Single Ride, Round-Trip, and 10 Ride tickets in seconds.

Purchasing a ticket is easy: select your trip & ticket type, enter your payment card information and your smartphone is your ticket!

Can you buy tickets on the train?

It is no longer possible to buy the full range of tickets on board a train. Like all train companies*, you must buy a ticket before you board, or risk getting a penalty fare. Also, we now have more ticket vending machines at stations, and of course you can buy from one of our friendly faces at the ticket office.

Is there an app for the MBTA?

There are a variety of smartphone apps to help you plan trips on the MBTA, buy Commuter Rail tickets, pay for parking, and report safety concerns to the Transit Police. All MBTA apps are available for free from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Can you add value to a Charlie ticket?

On all MBTA buses, you can add cash value to your CharlieCard or CharlieTicket with coins or bills, up to $20. You cannot buy or reload 1-day, 7-day, or monthly passes at onboard fare boxes. To pay your fare: Tell the driver you need to add value to your CharlieCard or CharlieTicket.

Can you pay cash on MBTA buses?

On Board the Bus

You can pay your fare in cash onboard all MBTA buses. You can also add up to $20 in cash value to a CharlieCard or CharlieTicket at onboard fare boxes.

Is it illegal to get on a train without a ticket?

If you do get on the train without having bought a ticket and there were facilities to pay, or you did not get permission from station staff to get on without a ticket, you may be prosecuted for fare evasion, charged the full fare for the journey or issued with a penalty fare.

What happens if you get on a train without ticket?

Prosecution for fare evasion

The Railway Byelaws make it an offence to travel without holding a valid ticket and being able to show it on request. A breach of this byelaw is punishable in law and, if found guilty, you would be subject at present to a fine of up to £1000.

What is the best way to get around Boston?

Boston Public Transportation

You can also take buses to get all over the city, and the Commuter Rail is an easy way to get to points outside of Boston. You can buy paper “Charlie Tickets” for single or multiple subway rides at vending machines located in most stations.

Is there a Charlie Card App?

You can pay for up to 4 one-way fares at once using a single CharlieCard at the same station. You can also store 1 pass of any type on the same card. Is there a mobile app for bus and subway fares like there is for Commuter Rail and ferry? Currently, there is no mobile app to pay your fare on the bus and subway.

Why is Boston subway called the T?

The Boston El’s logo were the words “Boston Elevated Railway.” The MBTA’s logo is a large “T” in a circle, so, over the years, everyone just started calling it the “T”. The logo is almost identical to the logo used by the Stockholm Tunnelbana system. The “T” stands for the “T” in MBTA: that is, “transportation”.

How much is a Charlie ticket?


The cost of a one-way trip is $2.75 with a paper ticket. These tickets are available at every stop using a self-serve machine. With the Charlie Card, each ride is just $2.25. The fare includes a free transfer to the buses.

What’s the difference between a Charlie Card and Charlie Ticket?

Charlie Ticket (flimsy little thing you stick into the machine to read the magnetic stripe) price is $2 for entrance to the subways. Charlie Card (like a credit or hotel card) is $1.70 for entrance to the subway. CharlieCard therefore saves you money. No reason to use a Charlie Ticket over Charlie Card.

Where can I buy a Charlie ticket?

The best strategy is to get a Charlie-ticket if a vending kiosk is available, or pay cash at the onboard kiosk on a trolley for a one-way trip, and pick up a Charlie Card at any major downtown station, then add value at a Fare Vending Machine.