Can You Buy Multiple Tickets With AMC Stubs?

Yes, but A-List savings will only apply to one ticket.

The additional tickets will be at normal price.

You do however get the fees waived as part of you Stubs membership (as all A-List members are stubs members automatically) and you will earn Stubs points for the additional tickets purchased at regular price.

How many tickets can I buy with AMC Stubs?

AMC Stubs Insider Members will receive 20 points per every one dollar spent on eligible purchases at participating AMC Theatres by presenting or entering their account number during box office and concession stand transactions, when purchasing tickets at an in-theatre kiosk, or when purchasing online at

Can you buy multiple tickets with AMC a list?

While you can select multiple seats and get multiple tickets, they’ll charge extra for them. There’s also an option to make your reservation an A-List movie, or you can pay for it normally.

How much does AMC Stubs A list cost?

AMC Theatres is raising the price of its subscription movie plan Stubs A-List — at least in a handful of states. Rather than simply charging $19.95 per month across-the-board, AMC will soon offer differing prices to residents of different states.

Is AMC Stubs membership free?

A basic membership is FREE. AMC Stubs Insider offers lots of rewards and perks, including a complimentary popcorn refill every visit, save up to $2 on tickets every Tuesday and enjoy a $5 reward every time you reach 5,000 points.

Can you share AMC Stubs?

No, you will not receive AMC Stubs points for tickets reserved through A. List. However, you will earn points on your monthly recurring charge as well as any additional tickets or concessions you purchase!

What movie theater is $5 on Tuesdays?


Can you watch more than one movie a day with AMC a list?

You can see the same movie three times all in one day, or you can spread them out over the course of the week. You can also see movies in IMAX, Dolby, and RealD.

How many tickets do you get with AMC a list?

The app will allow you do this and charge you for the non A-List seats at checkout. I suggest signing up for a-list tonight and use one of this week’s ticket to watch US. If you have an amc near you and you watch at least 2 movies a month, you’ve got your money back already. Its 3 tickets a week for YOU.

What is AMC Stubs a list?

AMC Stubs A-List is a membership tier of the AMC Stubs loyalty program that allows Members to enjoy a weekly moviegoing experience at AMC Theatres U.S. locations for a monthly fee. Similar to the AMC Stubs Premiere membership tier, Members also earn points, rewards, special offers and other benefits.

Can you buy 2 tickets with AMC a list?

Brent’s Most Recent Stories. AMC will enable A-List subscribers to buy tickets through Fandango and Atom Tickets, the companies announced on Monday. A-List is AMC’s answer to MoviePass. The subscription-based service lets users see up to three movies per week for the monthly price of $19.95.

How do I join AMC Stubs a list?



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What do AMC Stubs members get?

AMC currently offers two different loyalty programs: AMC Stubs Insider and AMC Stubs Premiere. Its Insider club is free to join and gets you perks like free refills on large popcorns, $5 Tuesday Tickets and a free large popcorn for your birthday.

What is AMC Stubs Premiere membership?

Premiere & A-List members earn 5x times faster, 100 points for every $1 spent on tickets, concessions, and other eligible purchases. Convert to a $5 reward for every 5000 points earned! AMC Stubs members can save big when purchasing tickets to Tuesday showtimes at the box office, kiosks or online!

How much is a Stubs membership?

The new program will cost $19.95/month for up to three movies a week along with AMC Stubs membership benefits. AMC denounced MoviePass in 2017 after its unprecedented $9.95/month unlimited subscription, which allows users to see up to one movie per calendar day.

Is AMC Stubs a premiere?

Indulge in Premiere Perks

AMC Stubs Premiere™ benefits are complimentary for A-Listers. Enjoy 10% back on food and drink purchases, FREE size upgrades on popcorn and fountain drinks and priority lanes at the box office and concessions.