Quick Answer: Can We Show Ticket On Mobile At Airport?

If it’s not enough, tell the agent your booking code.

Some airlines like AirAsia even has a mobile app that generates e-boarding passes.

You’re only checked for e-ticket in some airports by the security, showing it from your phone is just fine, but it’s more handy if you have a hard copy of it.

Can I show E ticket on mobile at airport?

New Delhi: Air travellers can now enter airports by showing a soft display of air tickets on their smart-phones, tablets and laptops. Currently, it is mandatory for travellers to carry printout of the e-ticket along with their valid identity cards to enter into the airport.

Is it necessary to carry print of flight ticket?

No, you don’t need a paper print. You can show your e-ticket details on your mobile/tablet at the entry point. Is it compulsory to carry a printed e-ticket for flight?

How do e tickets work at the airport?

The major difference is an e-ticket is located in an airline’s computer database, instead of the passenger’s suitcase. It is an electronic record of the traveler’s airline reservation, containing information such as the time, date and place of the flight, airport, seat assignment and travel class.