Can We Cancel Ticket On RedBus?

You are required to enter a valid phone number while booking a bus ticket on the Website.

redBus will process the ticket cancellation request from customers subject to the cancellation and refund policy of the respective bus operator.

The cancellation fee may differ for each bus operator.

Can we cancel bus ticket?

a) If service is cancelled by APSRTC for any reason, customer should cancel the ticket within 15 days from the date of journey to get full refund. b) Cancellation of such tickets is not allowed after 15 days from the date of journey. In case of ticket cancellation, Insurance amount is non-refundable.

How can I reschedule my redBus ticket?

  • Search Ticket: Enter your ticket number and Email id and search the ticket.
  • Choose Reschedule Date: Verify your ticket and choose a date to reschedule your journey.
  • Confirmation: Select your bus and confirm rescheduling by paying the difference amount.

How can I cancel my Shivshahi ticket?

To cancel e-ticket, you need to Login, then go to ‘My TICKETS’ link on the left navigation bar, select ticket to be cancelled and click on ‘Cancel’ link. Concessional fare ticket will be available only for senior citizen on e-ticket booking.The conductor will verify the photo identity which mentioned in the ticket.

What is the cancellation charges for Apsrtc?

How to Cancel of A.P.S.R.T.C.

Sl.NoCancellation TermsCancellation Charges
4Up to 1 hr before Schedule service start time at origin of the bus.50% of the actual fare + Reservation charges + Service Charges (in case of e-tickets)

3 more rows

Is bus ticket refundable?

If you bought a Flexible fare you can refund or exchange your ticket for free. You need to make the exchange or refund request before the travel date of your original ticket. With all other fare types, your ticket is non-refundable but you can still change it for a $20 fee prior to your scheduled departure date.

Can we cancel Ksrtc bus ticket?

Tickets booked at KSRTC / authorised franchisee counters can be cancelled at any of counters on production of Original Counter tickets. Tickets booked through online / mobile booking have to be cancelled through online / mobile only.

What is the cancellation charges in redBus?

“The following is the cancellation fee: Between 24 hours to 3 days before journey the cancellation charge is 10%. Between 3 days to 1 week before journey the cancellation charge is 5%. ”

What is meant by reschedule in redBus?

Reschedule your bus ticket with Redbus ll easy method to reschedule bus ticket.

Can I change my bus ticket time?

You can only change the date and time of your trip, not where you’re getting on the bus or your destination. You’ll need to travel within a year of the date you bought your original ticket.