Question: Can I Use Cineplex Gift Card At Landmark?

You can use these cards at any Cineplex Entertainment theatre.

Is Landmark and Cineplex the same company?

Landmark Cinemas. Landmark Cinemas is the second-largest movie theatre chain in Canada (after Cineplex Entertainment), it is owned by Kinepolis Group.

Can I use my scene card at Landmark Cinemas?

UltraAVX®, IMAX® and D-BOX®, including those in 3D), and 2,500 SCENE points for a free VIP Cinemas™ movie ticket. See for details. SCENE members may redeem in increments of 500 SCENE points to receive $5 off Cineplex food and drink purchases. Only one SCENE membership card can be used per purchase.

Can you use Cineplex gift cards at rec room?

Yes! The Rec Room accepts Cineplex gift cards. Does Cineplex Entertainment accept The Rec Room Gift Cards? Yes.

Can you use Cineplex gift cards at VIP?

Cineplex Gift Cards and E-Gift Cards are redeemable both online and in theatres. Their value can be used towards admissions and concessions at any of the following locations: Cineplex Odeon. Famous Players.